Ask Men’s Fitness: What Is the Best Pair of Eye Glasses for the Office, Bar, and Gym?


I’m looking for a pair of eyeglasses that’s good for the office or out at a bar but is also durable enough for the gym. Any ideas? -Dave V., Las Vegas, NV

“Thankfully, gone are the days of Horace Grant-style rec specs,” says Sabir M. Peele, founder of mens and a former NCAA track and field athlete. But finding eyewear that easily transitions from the gym to the bar is tough, so Peele advises that you seek inspiration from stylish frame-wearing athletes of the past, notably tennis player Arthur Ashe. “Ashe’s squarer-framed eyewear gave his face structure and didn’t look too sporty or worklike,” Peele says. Today’s analogue would be a great Wayfarer. “You’ll definitely want to avoid an overly rounded version, because it’ll start to look too elegant and won’t translate well to the gym,” he says. “So go for a thin frame with a lens size of about 50 millimeter, like the Ray-Ban RX5317.”

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