Ask Men’s Fitness: What’s the Best Way to Fight Wrinkles Now?

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“What’s the best way for a man to stave off wrinkles?” —Dunne T., Houston, TX 

Let’s start with the obvious. If you smoke, cut it out. It’s giving you wrinkles. Your diet is a big factor, too. Make sure you’re eating plenty of superfoods—avocados, blueberries, and also, salmon. They’re all great for your skin. We are what we eat. If you eat a greasy-ass hamburger every day, not only are you going to be a fat fuck, but you’re going to have really bad skin. You should also be washing your face with the right stuff.

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Are you one of those dopes who uses Dial soap on your face? You need an actual facial cleanser, my friend. Does it have things like antioxidants and vitamin C? Buy that! But don’t overwash your face. Women do it more often beccause they have makeup to take off. So, unless you’re Ziggy Stardust, you don’t need that much face washing.

One of the biggest causes of wrinkles is the sun. If you ever leave the house without covering all of your exposed skin with SPF, you’re a sucker—and a soon-to-be-wrinkled sucker. So always wear sunglasses. All that squinting is a one way ticket to Wrinkletown. But don’t even think about wearing sunglasses inside. I hate it. If you come into my shop wearing sunglasses, we will knock them off your head.

Shorty Maniace is the proprietor of J.P. Kempt Barber & Social in San Francisco.

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