Sweat a Lot? This Industrial Deodorant is for You

Getty Images

Axe can be obnoxious. The ads, for one. The headache-inducing smell from its many wearers who layer it on, for another. And those commercials …. But we found one serious virtue when we gave its new line, Axe You, a try. It is one of the most effective sweat-stoppers out there. 

The 2017 launch currently includes a body wash, fragrance, deodorant, and antiperspirant. Out of the whole lineup, we’re partial to the YOU deodorant ($5 at Walgreens), which has masculine notes of amber and vetiver with hints of cinnamon, black basil, and invigorating coriander leaves. It’ll give you solid odor protection for 24 hours, and when you’re sweating like mad in the dog days of summer heat, you’ll be damn glad you bought it. And hey, that sleek black packaging doesn’t hurt.

If serious sweating is an issue, also consider the AXE YOU antiperspirant (below, $5 at Walgreens), which has the same spicy aroma but gives you a 24-hour wetness shield on top of fighting funky odor.

Worth noting: The fragrance here is signature Axe-style strength (read: prominent) so if you prefer a milder scent to swipe under your arms, try one of these natural deodorants that safely keep the funk away.