The Best Advice About Socks That You’ll Ever Get

The Best Advice About Socks That You’ll Ever Get

My girlfriend recently moved in and she’s been giving me grief about my socks, which are mostly a collection of random colors and lengths. She saying pairing them after laundry is too time consuming. I’ve started to lose some of my favorite pairs. What gives?

Brion S., Fairfax, VA

Kid—you’re not a bachelor anymore, and the days of trying to impress a woman with a cartoon-character sock collection ended a long time ago. The girl will give your whole life a woman’s touch and help you get yourself together. I say, choose the path of least resistance. A guy I know, Peter Walsh, is an organization expert, and he once gave me some good advice on socks: “Only buy two or three kinds of socks.” He told me, “You won’t worry as much about pairing them, and you can just throw them in a drawer. It relieves the stress of finding lost pairs.” Throw out all those old socks—some of them have holes in them anyway, I’m sure— and buy a couple pairs of black socks, white socks, and workout socks for the gym. And while you’re at it, make sure that’s all she’ll find in your sock drawer.

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