16 Best Aftershaves for Men to Soothe Skin

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The debate is on: Does aftershave really provide any benefits other than offering a cologne-like fragrance? Or is it just another useless skincare product that men are tricked into buying?

When it was first invented, aftershave was filled with an alcohol-based substance meant to disinfect any scratches or cuts that resulted from a shave gone wrong. But as we now know, alcohol tends to cause dry skin. Over the years, companies have changed their aftershave formulas, tailoring them for various skincare issues. Gone are the days of applying a stinging aftershave that you always dread using.

So the answer is yes, aftershave is beneficial—but only if you choose an aftershave that addresses your skincare needs. Some aftershaves include soothing ingredients that should be used by men with skin inflammation issues. Other aftershaves include gentle exfoliants that help prevent or reduce ingrown hairs.

A good aftershave can make the difference between a mediocre and a spectacular shave. We’ve saved you the hassle and tried out the top aftershaves, allowing us to compile this list of the 16 best aftershaves for men to feel better.

Blu Atlas Aftershave
Blu Atlas

1. Blu Atlas Aftershave

Even if your shaving cream is working to repair and rehydrate your skin while you’re shaving, getting a high-quality aftershave is still essential. Shaving is incredibly rough on our skin, so check out Blu Atlas’ aftershave to reduce redness, irritation, and the chance of ingrown hairs. Made with 98.7% naturally-sourced ingredients, we love their formula because nothing stings a freshly shaved face more than a splash of chemicals. The gentle, holistic nature of Blu Atlas’ aftershave is what makes it #1 on our list.

One ingredient we particularly love is the time-tested rose flower water. Roses might be red, but your face won’t be after you use this aftershave: rose water has long been known to reduce signs of irritation, as well puffiness. Their formula also contains shea butter and aloe leaf juice, which together instantly begin rehydrating your face all the way down to the skin cells. And that feeling on your face after you apply the aftershave is the menthol peppermint oil. This oil is going to feel incredibly refreshing, and at the same time, its antibacterial properties will unclog your pores to help eliminate acne.

Help your skin combat the roughness of shaving, and pick up some of this Blu Atlas aftershave right now.

[$24; bluatlas.com]

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Proraso After Shave for Men
Courtesy of Amazon

2. Proraso After Shave for Men

Infused with eucalyptus oil and menthol, this aftershave product provides men with relief that does not sting. Perfect for any man who typically experiences skin inflammation or redness, Proraso’s aftershave effectively cools and calms your skin.

The addition of witch hazel aids in reducing razor burns and rashes. A dash of eucalyptus oil provides a refreshing scent that is never overpowering. The Proraso After Shave for Men always includes a cruelty-free formula that is devoid of parabens, mineral oils and silicones. In other words, the aftershave won’t be toxic for your skin.

Proraso is an Italian company that was founded in 1908 and has been creating exquisite skincare products ever since. If a skincare brand has been around this long, you know you can trust them. Proraso genuinely cares about creating an invigorating aftershave that will perfectly complement your shaving routine.

This aftershave also pairs well with Proraso’s Pre-Shave Cream and the Proraso Shaving Cream to guarantee a close and smooth shave every time. Proraso also recommends that you first place a wet, warm towel over your face before shaving. This will allow your pores to open and assist your razor in gently gliding along your skin. You can’t go wrong in choosing the Proraso After Shave for Men.

[$14; amazon.com]

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Harry’s Post-Shave Balm With Aloe
Courtesy of Target

3. Harry’s Post-Shave Balm With Aloe

A well-known brand in the shaving world, Harry’s has been creating skincare products exclusively for men for years. The Harry’s Post-Shave Balm with Aloe has a creamy texture that goes on smooth and quickly soaks into your pores.

This post-shave balm is ideal for men with dry or combination skin levels. It is also filled with aloe vera extracts that are fantastic for moisturizing dry skin and cooling inflamed skin. Harry’s Post-Shave Balm is great for men with sensitive skin, as it is free of dyes, parabens and formaldehyde. This simply means that the balm will not have any irritants that are known to aggravate your skin.

Harry’s Post-Shave Balm has a combination of amber and lavender scents. This fusion will keep you smelling and feeling fresh the entire day. The best part about this aftershave is its ability to dry within seconds. Unlike other types of aftershave, Harry’s post-shave balm quickly soaks into your pores to lock in moisture.

Harry’s offers five-star razors, shaving creams, hair-care products and deodorants—all at an affordable price. The company believes that their customers shouldn’t need to overpay for a quality product. The opportunities are endless when you use Harry’s Post-Shave Balm with Aloe.

[$7.99; target.com]

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Gentleman Jon’s Alum Block
Courtesy of Amazon

4. Gentleman Jon’s Alum Block

Gentleman Jon is a skincare organization that has developed a one-of-a-kind aftershave offered in a block form. Most aftershaves have a gel or lotion-like texture, but Gentleman Jon’s aftershave is packaged in an eye-catching plastic container with a texture that mimics a bar of soap.

This product starts at an extremely affordable price of $7.99. The best part: The aftershave is meant to last for years if stored properly. This is an excellent addition to your shaving routine, especially if you’re looking for a product that will last a long time. Just make sure that you place the block back in its container after each use. This will help extend the shelf life of the aftershave and allow it to maintain its unique texture.

The Gentleman Jon’s Alum Block is made out of 100% potassium alum, an ingredient with natural astringent and antiseptic properties. Potassium alum is known to reduce unsightly irritations and bumps commonly found on your skin after a rough shave.

If you often find yourself with a face filled with nicks and bumps after a shave, this alum block may be the answer to all of your problems. This aftershave can stop bleeding caused by minor cuts and nicks. It can also tone your skin and close your pores, which prevents unwanted skin irritation. The Gentleman Jon’s Alum Block is a great choice for men looking for an aftershave that will last a lifetime.

[$7.99; amazon.com]

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Ursa Major Essential Face Tonic
Courtesy of Credo Beauty

5. Ursa Major Essential Face Tonic

If you’re a man who suffers from oily skin, consider switching to the Ursa Major Essential Face Tonic. This aftershave is considered a four-in-one, as it cleans, exfoliates, soothes and hydrates your skin. After using this product, your face will be left feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

This Essential Face Tonic is also filled with gentle ingredients like aloe vera juice, witch hazel water, willow-bark extracts, rosemary-leaf water and sugarcane extract. The combination of botanical ingredients can be safely used on your face every day. However, if you battle oily skin, you should know that less is more. Using too much of any product will lead to more harm than good. Keep this in mind, and only use as much of the product as necessary.

A small amount of this face tonic is all you need to remove grime and oil buildup, and it will never strip your skin of essential oils. Ursa Major’s product also works to gently exfoliate your skin, which helps to remove dead skin and brighten your face. You won’t be left with shiny or sticky residue after using the tonic. You can also choose from a variety of application methods, such as applying the product to a cotton round or using a spray version.

Ursa Major is focused on reducing their plastic consumption, which is why their Essential Face Tonic uses low-impact packaging. Consider adding the Ursa Major Essential Face Tonic to your aftershave skincare routine. You won’t be disappointed.

[$30; credobeauty.com]

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The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm
Courtesy of Amazon

6. The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm

The Art of Shaving’s After-Shave Balm is a solid pick for any man looking for a luxurious aftershave. This balm is free of pesky alcohol and strong scents, meaning it’s a great aftershave alternative for men with dry skin. It has also been recommended by various dermatologists and cosmetic dermatologic surgeons.

The After-Shave Balm is filled with shea butter and pure essential oils, which work to keep your skin hydrated without making it overly greasy. Most aftershaves are known for their pungent scents, but The Art of Shaving understands that not every man wants an overpowering scent, which is why they created an unscented line of shaving products. The Art of Shaving’s unscented line includes shaving products that only include quality natural ingredients, meaning they are free from synthetic dyes and alcohols.

This After-Shave Balm should be used after shaving your face with a sharp razor and rinsing with cold water, which works to close your pores. Apply a tiny amount of the After-Shave Balm directly to your face and neck and watch as your skin is smoothed and soothed.

Feel free to try out The Art of Shaving’s Pre-Shave Beard Oil and their Unscented Shaving Cream for Men if you enjoy this product. If The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm is good enough for world-renowned dermatologists, it will likely be good enough for you. That’s why we’ve included it in our list of the best aftershaves for men to feel better.

[$40; amazon.com]

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Fieldworks’ Face of Danger After Shave Elixir
Courtesy of Amazon

7. Fieldworks’ Face of Danger After Shave Elixir

The Face of Danger After Shave Elixir has a personality to match its unique name. This fully organic aftershave uses all-natural ingredients and is free from artificial additives. Anyone who says that all-natural products don’t work as well as synthetic products has clearly never tried the Face of Danger After Shave Elixir.

Fieldworks uses witch hazel to effectively close your pores and prevent infection, while aloe vera soothes your freshly shaven skin. Bentonite clay is added to the mix to pull out and remove harmful toxins from your skin while locking in essential moisture.

This aftershave has a natural earthy scent that will remind you of a crisp breeze on a fall day. The Face of Danger Elixir is free of fake perfumes, ideal for men who enjoy a gradual rather than an overbearing scent. You’ll be happy to know that you only need to use a small dab of this product to unclog your pores and enhance your skin texture.

Fieldworks also offers their product in a convenient size that was created with the traveler in mind, so this After Shave Elixir is TSA-friendly. Fieldworks’ products are made here in the United States and are only produced in small batches, making them easy on the environment. Check out this all-natural Face of Danger After Shave Elixir and see for yourself how powerful all-natural ingredients can be.

[$15.98; amazon.com]

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Baxter of California’s Revitalizing Pre- and Post-Shave Treatment
Courtesy of Baxter of California

8. Baxter of California’s Revitalizing Pre- and Post-Shave Treatment

If you have a bathroom filled with hygiene products, it may be time to start decluttering. Baxter of California can help you along in this process by offering a product that does two things simultaneously.

As the name suggests, not only can this product be used as an aftershave; it can also be used to prepare your skin pre-shave. First, you can apply this Revitalizing Shave Treatment as a skin preparation product pre-shave. Once you’re done shaving, reapply this product to your face as a post-shaving product. You don’t have to worry about razor burn or ingrown hairs when using this aftershave. It’s filled with vitamins A, E and D, which are known for improving the health of your skin.

This paraben-free product won the GQ Grooming Award in 2016 and the UK GQ Grooming Award for Best New Shaving Product in 2019. Take advantage of this shaving treatment’s combination of camphor, rosemary, spearmint and eucalyptus oils. You will be rewarded with a fresh scent that cools your skin and balances your pH levels.

To get the most out of this pre- and post-shave product, apply it to your skin for 30 seconds before shaving. You can choose to spray the product directly onto your face, or you can spray it onto a towel before applying it to your face. Try out Baxter of California’s Revitalizing Pre- and Post-Shave Treatment to declutter your cabinets and rejuvenate your skin.

[$19; baxterofcalifornia.com]

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Aqua Velva’s Sensitive 5-in-1 After Shave Balm
Courtesy of Walmart

9. Aqua Velva’s Sensitive 5-in-1 After Shave Balm

We love products that accomplish multiple skincare aims. After all, most of us live busy lives, and we don’t always have time to use a different product for every possible skincare need or issue. Aqua Velva can help you keep your daily shave routine short with its five-in-one aftershave balm.

The product gets its name from its ability to address the top five signs of post-shave sensitivity: The balm is non-burning, offers all-day moisture, helps prevent irritating bumps, soothes unwanted redness and fights ingrown hairs. Best of all, this product is insanely well-priced, so there’s no excuse not to include it in your daily routine.

You don’t need to lather your face with a ton of this product. Instead, squirt a dime-sized amount of the balm onto your skin and apply it to your face and neck immediately after shaving. This aftershave has a light and refreshing scent that works to lock in moisture all day. You can also use it as a facial moisturizer. It won’t leave behind a greasy trail and will retain only your face’s essential oils.

If you’re looking for an aftershave balm that truly does it all, look no further than Aqua Velva’s Sensitive 5-in-1 After Shave Balm.

[$6.49; walmart.com]

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Caswell-Massey Number Six After Shave
Courtesy of Amazon

10. Caswell-Massey Number Six After Shave

Have you ever wondered what skincare products were used back in the 1700s by iconic figures such as George Washington? Yes, you read that right: George Washington. In 1780, our first president was introduced to a Caswell-Massey product, and he never looked back. You can really embrace history with this Number Six After Shave.

Now, we will admit this product is on the pricey side. But what do you expect from a company that has such iconic customers? The Number Six After Shave is infused with 27 different aromatics, including orange blossom, rosemary and bergamot scents. This unique combination will keep you smelling amazing the entire day.

This is an American original product that has been around for more than 266 years. With such a high success rate, it’s no surprise that this skincare product has become a top-tier choice for most men. Caswell-Massey pays attention to every detail, from their selective ingredient choices to their exquisite packaging designs.

The “Golden Cap” aftershave edition is formulated with a perfected balance of botanical scents that use ingredients found in the original handwritten recipe from 1772. Become a part of history by using the Caswell-Massey Number Six After Shave.

[$38; amazon.com]

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Fulton & Roark Cooling Face Towelettes
Courtesy of Fulton & Roark

11. Fulton & Roark Cooling Face Towelettes

Fulton & Roark have created a game-changing aftershave that comes in the form of a towelette. Designed for men on the go, these cooling face towelettes come in their own individual packaging. This allows you the flexibility of grabbing a single (or several) towelettes and keeping them on you at all times. Instead of packing your suitcase with a bottled aftershave that is prone to breakage, opt for a towelette that is guaranteed to be mess-free.

Each package includes 30 cloths that are made from 100% cotton. Each towelette is infused with witch hazel, sage, bergamot, eucalyptus and tea tree oils.

Fulton & Roark designed these cooling face towelettes specifically for men who prefer convenience and quality. If the aftershave doesn’t smell good or does not do its job, Fulton & Roark aren’t interested. You can confidently purchase these aftershave towelettes knowing that you’re purchasing a product with a long-lasting scent that will never irritate your skin.

Rather than wondering what the right amount of aftershave is, choose the Fulton & Roark Cooling Face Towelettes. They’ve already done the hard work for you.

[$28; fultonandroark.com]

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Jack Black’s Post Shave Cooling Gel
Courtesy of Amazon

12. Jack Black’s Post Shave Cooling Gel

If you notice that your skin feels itchy or bumpy after you shave, it’s probably time to switch to a cooling gel. The Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel is designed specifically for men who cannot seem to get a close shave without nicking their face, even when they try their best.

This Post Shave Cooling Gel is filled with aloe leaf juice, lavender oil, witch hazel, sage extracts, rosemary and balm mint extracts. The gel’s expert combination of ingredients works together to immediately alleviate any redness, providing long-lasting razor burn relief and soothing irritated skin. The addition of balm mint extract and witch hazel creates a non-oily remedy that prevents skin flaking and adds a lightweight moisturizer to your skin without any stinging or burning.

Jack Black has created an entire shaving line exclusively for men. Jack Black understands that men have unique shaving needs and need a shaving formula tailored to their specific needs. This company’s team of experts made sure only to include quality ingredients that will work on most men.

This aftershave is also free of alcohol, something all men should look for if they suffer from dry skin issues. At the end of your shave, make sure you include a quality aftershave, like the Jack Black’s Post Shave Cooling Gel.

[$20; amazon.com]

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Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion by Aesop
Courtesy of Aesop

13. Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion by Aesop

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line aftershave that packs luxuriousness and quality into one tube, then the Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion is the aftershave for you. This paraben- and cruelty-free aftershave was designed for men who want to spend a little more money to receive a premier product.

Packaged in a chic black-and-white bottle, this Post-Shave Lotion can be used on normal, combination and sensitive skin. You only need to apply half a teaspoon of this aftershave to your face, which means this product will last a long time. You can use it either in the morning or evening, depending on when you prefer to shave. When you’re ready to use it, simply apply a small amount to your hand and gently massage it onto your newly shaven face.

This Post-Shave Lotion has a warm, woody and spicy scent, perfect for the manliest of men. The ingredients that achieve this delicious smell are sandalwood, panthenol and neroli blossom. Although this aftershave was specifically designed to be applied to your face, it can work on other body parts as well. Because of this, the lotion has a lightweight texture that quickly soaks into your skin and won’t leave you feeling greasy.

Premier skincare products come with premier costs, but we think you’ll understand why once you try the Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion by Aesop.

[$50; aesop.com]

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Bevel Shave Restoring Balm
Courtesy of Amazon

14. Bevel Shave Restoring Balm

Bevel is a well-known company when it comes to men’s hygiene products, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’ve created an aftershave that contends with the best of the best.

The Bevel Shave Restoring Balm replaces alcohol with tea tree oil to help you avoid ingrown hairs and razor bumps. After a shave, your skin may feel hot or irritated, which means you don’t want to apply an aftershave that stings. Bevel recognized this, and formulated their product to cool your skin without the sting.

By now, you’re probably familiar with the benefits of adding shea butter and jojoba oil to your skincare products, but the addition of lactic acid and salicylic acid really takes this product up a notch. These beneficial ingredients work together to gently exfoliate and tone your skin.

Even more impressive is the lack of harmful chemicals in this Restoring Balm. You won’t find any nasty additives like parabens, sulfates, dyes, silicones or other artificial ingredients that typically irritate your skin. So, the next time you’re out looking for a safe and beneficial aftershave, consider picking up the Bevel Shave Restoring Balm.

[$11.19; amazon.com]

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Marie Veronique Aftershave Tonic
Courtesy of Marie Veronique

15. Marie Veronique Aftershave Tonic

Listen, we love a good aftershave with a name that makes us feel like we’re strolling through the streets of Paris. Who doesn’t? The Marie Veronique Aftershave Tonic is a balancing and soothing tonic that works on all skin types.

This Aftershave Tonic uses green tea, black willow bark extract, elderberry extract and apple cider vinegar to restore your skin’s microbiome and balance your pH levels. Marie Veronique also uses cucumber, tea tree oil and trace minerals to prevent any post-shave irritation. This aftershave includes a light and fresh scent that is accomplished through essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances.

To use this aftershave tonic, simply shake the bottle and pour some of the product onto a cotton pad. Swipe the pad across your face and neck while avoiding your eyes. You will be left with smooth skin that does not burn or hurt.

Enjoy the lightweight feeling of this lavish product that will keep you at your freshest, even during the roughest of days. The Marie Veronique Aftershave Tonic would make a great addition to your daily skincare routine.

[$35; marieveronique.com]

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Terre d’Hermès After-Shave Balm
Courtesy of Sephora

16. Terre d’Hermès After-Shave Balm

Courtesy of Sephora

If you’re looking for an aftershave product that also smells like cologne, the Terre d’Hermès After-Shave Balm may be the aftershave for you. This aftershave balm includes a non-greasy texture that is formulated to quickly absorb into your skin and provide instant relief for razor burn.

The balm has hints of mineral notes and a warm and woodsy aroma. This product originated from France and is designed for men who want to experience a five-star barbershop experience from the comfort of their own bathroom. Packaged in a sleek white container, the Terre d’Hermès After-Shave Balm is an eye-catching product that would go well with any shaving routine.

If you enjoy this After-Shave Balm’s scent, you can pair it with the Terre d’Hermès cologne, which is offered in the same scent. Doubling up on this highly acclaimed aroma will keep you smelling like the masculine man that you are. Experience the extravagance for yourself when you buy the Terre d’Hermès After-Shave Balm.

[$81; sephora.com]

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