The Best Clothing Brands for Short Guys


Few clothing brands acknowledge shorter men’s compact dimensions. Some carry smaller sizes, but the tailoring is rarely on point.

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“These guys have been ignored by the apparel industry,” says designer/tailor Peter Manning, whose company, Peter Manning Five Eight/New York (, makes clothing for shorter men. “Everything has to be reproportioned. It’s not just shortening hems and sleeves— it’s narrowing arms, moving pockets, and scaling details.”

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Since 25% of U.S. men fit the 5’8″- and-under demo, it’s surprising that more designers don’t cater to them. Along with Manning’s line, which offers a sharp selection of oxfords, pants, and outerwear, check out Jaden Lam and Jax Everett.

A Few Short Tips From Manning:
1) Don’t mistake “well fitting” for tight. “If you’re used to clothes that are too big, a shirt or pants that fit right can feel snug at first.”
2) Start with properly proportioned outerwear. “A too-long jacket or coat almost never shortens well—the proportions are all off.”
3) If you’re muscular, “don’t wear clothes that fit the shoulders and arms but swim around the torso and are too long. Have a tailor taper them for you.”