The Best Sites for Custom Accessories


You’ve got the customized suit. Made-to-order dress shoes. Hell, even your t-shirts are designed for your torso, and your torso alone. So what’s the point in going out and getting the same old glasses and work bag that every other office drone has, too?

Better idea: Check out the these sites, and pick up a pair of jeans—or even glasses—that (like your sense of style) are truly one-of-a-kind.

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Made Eyewear ( Frames from $84

With styles starting at just $84, this online spectacles broker offers a dozen build-your-own frames. Personally, I prefer the Shane, classic, conservative Wayfarer-types that fit most face shapes. Pick tortoiseshell or colors, arm engravings, and patterns. Best of all, if you don’t like the final product, you can get a 100% refund, no questions asked. So your detour into fashion design is entirely risk-free.

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Backpacks and Messengers

Ynot Bags ( Bags from $60

Rugged, durable, and ultimately fad-proof, these backpacks and messenger bags start at only $60 and offer 20 or so finishes as well as choices for just about every detail; the front and back panels and pockets can even be contrasting colors. There’s also a range of buckles. (You can go magnetic for convenience.) The one-week delivery is a major upside.

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3×1 (3× Custom jeans from $525

Custom jeans are hard to find. But if you can make it to the showroom of 3×1, a new company based in New York City, you can pick from eight basic fits and 640 or so rolls of fabric, then customize everything from the rivets to the stitching. The downside is the huge price tag, so save up or just wait for next year’s bonus.

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