The Best Travel Razor on the Market

Shave tech teaser

The latest rage in travel-friendly shaving and grooming tools: USB technology that makes devices rechargeable from almost anywhere. Our favorite example? ShaveTech’s USB Rechargeable Travel Razor.

We we love it: The ShaveTech is bringing the days of “squeezing random adapters and twisted wires into a Dopp kit” to a close. The USB Rechargeable Travel Shaver packs decent power and roughly 30 minutes of shaving time into a device about the size of a pack of cigarettes. The USB device allows you to recharge the shaver via your laptop or tablet—which also means that, if you’re traveling abroad, you’ll  never have to worry about finding a foreign adapter.

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Because there’s more emphasis on convenience than trimming power, the ShaveTech is best for you if you’re consistently clean-shaven or sport light stubble. It’s also good for touch-ups, since it’s compact enough to reach corners or shadows that are often missed by a traditional razor during a wet shave.

ShaveTech might have only one downside: The directions recommend that you let all the battery power drain down before recharging, which can lead to the infamous and annoying hair-pinching caused by power-deficient electric shavers. But hey, you’ll never need to untangle wires to get this device refueled.

That said, the ShaveTech is a really convenient tool for performing a little facial-hair maintenance on the go.

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