The Best Ways to Get Rid of Back Hair

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Back Hair

“I’m incredibly hairy, especially on my back, so I hate taking my shirt off in the summer. Should I get waxed, or even have the hair removed permanently?” – Evan T., Robinson, IL 

Are we talking George the Animal? Wolfman? There’s nothing wrong with being hairy, you’re a man.

But if it bothers you, you can wax it. There’s momentary pain, but your hair grows back slowly. It’ll last a week and a half or so. There are also places that can do it for you. There’s nothing embarrassing about it—you’re just taking care of yourself. Or if you have a cool partner, get a good pair of trimmers and have them trim it down to a No. 1. It takes 15–20 minutes and a broom. Especially if you know you’re going to the beach, take care of that shit.

There’s also a depilatory you put on, then scrape the hair off with a spatula. It makes you supersmooth. That lasts about a week and a half, too.

But if you’re rich enough, get electrolysis. It’s the best, and it’s permanent, though I hear it can be painful. You shock the hair, and eventually it stops growing.

Just don’t come to the barbershop and ask me to manscape you. I’m not doing it. 

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