Better Style Basics in One Box

 Evan Lane

Whether you want to overhaul your closet, round it out with some updated staples, or you just don’t have time to shop, Buck Mason’s curated packages of quintessential American wares make things easy for the man looking to “eliminate any possibility of making a mistake, stylistically speaking.” Unfortunately, how you act is still up to you.

The new Townes capsule ($445), named for Townes Van Zandt, one of Buck Mason founder Erik Schnakenberg’s favorite songwriters (previous packages were named for the likes of Dylan and Kerouac), includes a chambray workshirt, white short-sleeve oxford button-down, a light grey crew, an olive chino, and sand colored chino shorts.

“Townes had this style that was sort of blue collar eccentric,” Schnakenberg explains. “He always looked like he was barely holding it together, personally and stylistically – but he somehow did it with ease. There was a photo I saw a long time ago of him wearing chinos and a denim shirt. He looked natural.”

Schnakenberg adds that each package is curated to work together subtly in a way that exudes effortless style, with the Townes being perfect to easily mix and match for your next summer weekend up the coast. “The minimum that is needed, and nothing more.”

And that speaks to the overall aesthetic of Buck Mason, a company Schnakenberg founded with Socurio creator Sasha Koehn on the idea that while trends come and go, there are certain things that every man shouldn’t live without. They just do them better.

“To me the looks in the packages are really just about taste. It’s as much about what’s left out of them as what is included.” Schnakenberg explains. “I’d like to think that a guy could see a photo of himself twenty years from now and say, ‘I looked cool. I’d still wear that.'”