Beyond Beard Oil: A Moisturizer that Gets Down to the Skin


Having a beard is kind of like owning a houseplant: It doesn’t need much attention, but it needs it almost every day. If you’ve had one for a while, you know how the whiskers can turn a brittle, straw-like texture when left to their own devices. You also probably know that beard oil does wonders for coating the strands and keeping them soft and supple.

But here’s the thing: While oil does a bang-up job protecting your whiskers, it gets a little tricky when it comes to what lies beneath. Oil on your skin? Not the ideal situation. Fortunately for you, you’re not the only man to face this dilemma.

When Mike Gilman, president of the Grooming Lounge in Washington, D.C., wanted a way to lube his beard and face without resulting in breakouts, he had his team of barbers create the mother of all beard conditioners: Grooming Lounge Whisker Sauce Beard Conditioner. ($22). The leave-in moisturizer manages itchiness while softening whiskers and skin.

Whisker Sauce is a lightweight lotion that won’t make your beard feel heavy or your skin feel slimy. The non-greasy formula offers gentle styling control and comes in a refreshing lime scent. It’s easy to use: Just rub a quarter-size amount between your hands, then run hands through your beard, making sure to reach the skin beneath. You can let the hair and skin absorb it naturally, or use a comb the spread the wealth. Plus, Whisker Sauce is loaded with stuff that’s good for your handsome-ness:

*Avocado oil: Provides anti-aging benefits for your skin, including helping reduce the appearance of age spots and improving collagen synthesis (i.e., making you new skin cells).

*Vitamin E: Works as an antioxidant to protect skin from damage done by free radicals.

*Vitamin B: Soothes, softens, and moisturizes the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while also strengthening your beard hair.

*Lime oil: Use its antiseptic powers to kill off any nasty little buggers hiding in your hairy mug.

*Shea butter: Nourishes, moisturizes and creates a protective barrier between your face and the elements.

Nothing wrong with hitting the beard oil if all you’re worried about is a here-and-now hair treatment. But for long-term beard and skin health, this is the moisturizer you need.

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