Big Balding Breakthrough: This New Wearable Regrows Hair on Mice

Young bald man
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Some guys embrace baldness like a badge of honor. In fact, for guys like The Rock, Jason Statham, and Vin Diesel, their hairless heads are a hallmark of their personas. But for some guys, balding is just plain dreadful.



Well, new research, published in ACS Nano, may provide some comfort. Researchers believe they can regrow hair with a photostimulator.

In the study, done on mice, scientists created a wearable device made of 900 red micro-light-emitting diodes. They shaved the mice’s backs, then placed the patch—about the size of a small postage stamp—on their skin. The device is roughly 1,000 times less powerful per unit area than a traditional phototherapeutic laser, so it didn’t heat up enough to hurt or burn skin.

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Ultimately mice that wore the patch for 15 minutes a day for 20 days had significantly faster hair growth, long hairs, and a wider regrowth area than mice who were receiving minoxidil injections or nothing at all.

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Time will tell if this can be a viable option for humans. But the results are certainly promising.




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