Sponsored Content: the Birchbox Man-ifesto

Bb manifesto

A select few men are born with impeccable style and effortless polish (take a bow, Clooney). For the rest of us mere mortals, it isn’t so easy. Despite caring about how we look and what we buy, it’s trickier than it should be to get the stuff we need to be at our best. Too often, we rely on basic grooming products, throw money at expensive stuff that turns out to be wrong for us, or pilfer products from the ladies in our lives—a lose-lose for everyone involved. Now there’s a better way. Meet Birchbox Man.

Birchbox Man is designed to introduce you to the best lifestyle and grooming products. No more wasting time wandering drugstore aisles hunting for shampoo and shave cream or spending money on specialty products you’ve never tried. No more investing in accessories that are yesterday’s news before you even get them out the package. We’re well acquainted with these frustrations and know there is an alternative. We created Birchbox Man to make things as painless as possible and, while we’re at it, make it fun too. You’re already a handsome, put-together guy. We’re just here to give you that extra edge. Call it a touch of Clooney.

So, how does it work? We’re glad you asked.

1. Sign up here to receive an invite and fill out your grooming profile.

2. Once you purchase a subscription, you’ll receive monthly deliveries of trial-sized grooming products and lifestyle accessories from top brands. We’ll use your profile to send you stuff we think you’ll like trying.

3. Become a regular over at the Birchbox Man Guide, an online resource with style tips and tutorials as well as information about how to use your monthly goods.

4. Hit up our Shop to get refills of your new favorite pomade, find a great weekend bag, or snag other great items from our curated selection.

5. Rinse and repeat, monthly.

What’s next?

Our goal is to revolutionize the way men discover and purchase grooming and lifestyle products—we want to make it approachable, easy, and fun. We’re building this service for you, so we’ll need your feedback as we steadily grow our Shop, add to our Guide, and plan future boxes. Tell us how we can make Birchbox Man (currently in Beta) more awesome and better suited to your needs. Call us, email us, or send a carrier pigeon.

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