The Blacklist’s Diego Klattenhoff’s Go-To Look

The Blacklist’s Diego Klattenhoff’s Go-To Look

The Guy:
The Blacklist ’s Diego Klattenhoff

You may not recognize Diego Klattenhoff in such informal attire. For his role as an FBI agent on NBC’s The Blacklist, the 36-year-old is normally trussed up in a suit and tie—not exactly the best gear for the amount of stunt work he has to do on the show, which beat Game of Thrones to win an Emmy for stunts last year. 

“I’ve been shot at, choked out by a woman, even hunted by a fucking seven-foot giant,” Klattenhoff says. “It’s pretty unglamorous—you’re shooting in the mud, crawling out of a flipped-over car. You’re not dressed properly for that in a suit and tie.”

Another thing such formal attire isn’t really great for: vertical villain races. “I’ve done my share of running on this show,” the actor says. “I almost threw up doing the pilot because I was supposed to chase the bad guy up the stairs, and they found some stairs in D.C. that were all glass, so it looked like two little Pac-Men chasing each other. It was rough—I was calling for the production assistant, saying, ‘Get me a bucket, I’m going to puke!’ Thankfully I didn’t.” 

If it were up to him, he’d go casual all the time. “I grew up on a farm in the woods in Nova Scotia, chopping wood, and never even owned a suit until—shit, I was 29 when I bought my first one,” he says. “It’s ironic that that’s what I’m running around in all day on the show. I’m a jeans, T-shirt, boots kind of guy.”

The Black T-Shirt:
Designer Michael Kors

This black tee from American designer Michael Kors would be a go-to for the actor—or pretty much any guy. “There are very few pieces with the enduring cool appeal of a black T-shirt,” says designer Michael Kors. “It’s one of those staples you find in almost every man’s closet—at every age—because it can go just about anywhere. The fact that you can reach for it day in and day out and it always works makes it timeless.”

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