Blu Atlas Atlantis Review: Why It’s Our Favorite Fragrance

Blu Atlas

This article was published in partnership with Blu Atlas.

We’ve all done it: picked up one of the cheapest bottles of cologne in the store, gave it the old spritz-and-smell test, thought it was “good enough,” purchased it and gone about our day.

But who really wants to settle for “good enough”? Life is too short! We should all be striving for the absolute best, from our careers and relationships to hobbies and, yes, personal care products like our cologne.

Using colognes with subpar ingredients can pose more issues for you than you might realize. You can come off as unprofessional in work settings, you can seem undesirable on dates and you may even be putting yourself at risk for health problems.

When using colognes with low-quality and even dangerous ingredients, such as formaldehyde, and parabens, you’re putting yourself at risk for various health concerns.

Hard pass, thanks!

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to find the best of the best fragrances. We were looking for one brand and one cologne that would leave us smelling our best and feeling our best – in both confidence and health. After a long hunt, we finally landed on it: Atlantis from Blu Atlas.

A Unique and Irresistible Scent

Let’s first look at the most important aspect of any cologne: the scent.

Atlantis from Blu Atlas has a unique and irresistible scent. The inspiration for this eau de parfum speaks volumes: Bali, more specifically the sights and scents of the island’s lush coastal jungles.

The sights: palm trees interwoven in the jungle canopy, outstretched morning glory vines in the golden sand, foamy crystal-blue waters caressing the shorelines and uninterrupted skin-warming sun painted on a blue canvas. Footprints are washed away by the tide as an endless serene beach (and adventure) awaits ahead.

The scents: the constant yet gentle coastal breeze, the surrounding exotic vegetation, the damp golden sand that almost melts underfoot. A paradise for your olfactory system.

Atlantis is reminiscent of these sights and scents, yes, but it also provides you – and those around you – with a sense that you are physically on that beach in Bali. You are seeing and smelling these unique sights and scents while experiencing that serenity, that peace, that tranquility, that pure, natural bliss.

The combination of the above makes the scent of Atlantis so remarkable: it is gentle yet musky, evocative yet unforced. A perfectly balanced fragrance that grabs attention, but in a subtle way that invites you deeper and deeper into its complex layers.

The top notes of lemon, bergamot and blackcurrant are first up, providing a citrusy yet refreshing scent. Shortly thereafter, they’re overtaken by middle notes of clary sage, lavender, peach and apricot, which provide a sweet, tart, herbaceous aroma.

The base notes, which are the most long-lasting, combine oak moss, orris, violet, ambrette seed and musk for a masculine, spicy and invigorating finish. It is a strong ending with a remarkable staying power.

While Atlantis’ formulation is complex and delicately balanced, it is easy to admire and enjoy. It is an invigorating scent that you can use confidently every day, no matter the destination or the audience. To put it simply, Blu Atlas is everything you could want in a cologne.

Blu Atlas Is a Winning Brand

We have gone over what makes Atlantis our favorite of all colognes on the market in terms of its smell, but that isn’t all that got our attention. Blu Atlas, the brand responsible for crafting such an admirable fragrance, deserves praise as well – and here’s why.

Blu Atlas has become an incontestable force in men’s skincare and haircare because they do what others don’t: sublimely integrate quality and conscientiousness in everything they create.

They use clean ingredients in their products, are 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, and lack any parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. They utilize the unique and advantageous attributes of mineral derived ingredients, such as essential oils, plant extracts, antioxidants and more.

Their skincare and haircare products are carefully crafted and dermatologist-tested and approved – not only for safety, but for efficacy as well. They are also friendly for beginners too, with their clear instructions and easy-to-understand ingredient lists.

Even their packaging is meticulously designed to cater to the modern man: sleek, no-nonsense, high-quality and rugged. The packaging of all of their products, from their cologne and deodorant to their eye stick and cleanser, is designed to exude masculinity and prestige while not attracting unwanted attention.

Blu Atlas is not afraid to share what’s in their products, and is more than happy to supply detailed and full ingredient lists to all their customers. The brand doesn’t believe in smoke and mirrors, and their detailed yet user-friendly website is a testament to that fact.

Then there’s their five-star customer service. Blu Atlas cannot be praised enough for their attentive customer service agents, who respond quickly to answer any question and resolve any issue you might have. A newcomer to skincare or fragrance products couldn’t ask for more.

The Blu Atlas mission is simple: to provide men with products they can rely on to ensure they look their best and feel their most confident, and to assist them in putting their best foot forward all day, every day.

Get On Board

Blu Atlas is setting the standard for men’s skincare and haircare higher than it’s ever been set before. So why wouldn’t you want to get on board now?

Blu Atlas Atlantis cologne is easily our favorite fragrance on the market today, as it supplies any man with a scent he can use over and over with unwavering confidence. But it also makes for an ideal stepping stone to upgrading your skincare game, which Blu Atlas provides in spades as well.

Don’t you deserve the best? Give Blu Atlas Atlantis a try today and see for yourself why it’s our favorite fragrance. We’re sure it will soon be yours as well.

Oh, and if you’re feeling reluctant to get on board with Blu Atlas, rest easy, because they offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee for their returns…even if you’ve already used half the product!

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