Breaking: Good News for Balding Guys!

Bald man gym rotator

Hey, balding guys:  Listen up! Stop worrying about finding your hair in the shower and finish what Nature has started. Yes, that’s right. Shave it off…shave it all off!

Joking aside, there’s some science to back us up here. A new study found that men with shaved heads came across as more manly and dominant, not to mention taller and stronger. Researchers ran three separate experiments, and in each case, hairless men came out heads above their hairy competitors—even when photos of men with hair were compared to the same picture altered to make them look bald!

Why do you look stronger (or even taller) without hair? The researchers think that a shaved head signals that a guy is taking charge of his life, rather than waiting around for the inevitable.

But even though men with shaved heads appear more dominant and manly, the researchers found that bald men were considered less attractive and older-looking than men with a full head of hair. Hmph. Still, if you’re starting to lose your hair, you might have nothing to lose?

Finish the job now…and you’ll probably score more points for manliness than you lose for attractiveness.

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