Brian Urlacher Restores His Hair—Are You Next?


As a Chicago Bear, Brian Urlacher was one of the most fiersome NFL linebackers to ever step foot on the gridiron.  They guy was an absolute monster—he benched 225 for 27 reps at the NFL Scouting Combine and finished his career with 41 and a half sacks.  Urlacher even had a signature look: intimidating, hulking, and—bald.

After a lengthy hair transplant procedure, Brian Urlacher now has a full head of hair.

Urlacher underwent a hair transplant procedure, an operation in which a surgeon removes “donor” follicular grafts from the back and sides of a man’s head (where he still has hair), and transplants them to the top of the head.

This procedure is the cutting edge of modern hair restoration, and we have come a long way from the antiquated “hair plugs” of the past, where surgeons would implant patches of synthetic hair made overseas into one’s head—a procedure that was potentially harmful and now well out-of date, according to Dr. William Yates, a surgeon who specializes in hair transplant procudures.

If you are considering taking the route of Urlacher, there are a few factors that you must seriously consider first.  This procedure can run at a very high cost, and is not covered by most health insurance plans. How high? It can potentially run you ten to fifteen thousand dollars, depending on how many grafts will be transplanted.

According to Dr. Yates, this procedure is even more complicated for African Americans, who have a different type of hair follicle than Caucasians or Asians.  Although it cannot be seen, African Americans’ hair is curly even under the skin.  Some surgeon’s who are not sensitive to this issue could potentially damage the root of an African American’s hair follicle if not done correctly (Dr. Yates specializes in hair transplants for African Americans).

Then there is the issue of recovery and lifestyle changes that must take place after the procedure.  According to Neil Sadick, MD, it typically takes three full weeks to recover from the procedure, and you could be left with scarring at the site of implantation on the scalp, but it is usually not noticeable.  In terms of the hair, it will take anywhere from a year to 18 months for the full result to set in.

Post-surgery, you need to lay off of exercise and sex for two weeks (which one is worse?).

Brian Urlacher is clearly elated with his transformation, and it appears that the transplant was a worthlie investment for him.  Could you say the same?

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