Bryan Cranston’s Guide to Lying

When it comes to living a lie, even ‘Breaking Bad‘s’ hardened meth lab genius Walter White owes something to George Costanza, the fitfully employed ‘Seinfeld‘ character who was a Zen master of pointless deception and the unparalleled dean of dishonesty, weaving a dazzling web of half-truths and outright fiction for no reason at all. Actor Bryan Cranston, who plays Walt on the AMC series, learned this during his several guest appearances on ‘Seinfeld’ as the dentist Dr. Tim Whatley. Cranston put this knowledge to good use years later when he began developing the criminal mind of the increasingly dangerous White, who starts living a lie from ‘Breaking Bad’s’ very first episode. Walt is an inspiration in this arena, too, so we turned to Cranston to learn firsthand his character’s secret fabulist philosophy, which he shares in the video above.

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