Businessman Michael Cammarata on Forging a Successful Career and Creating Natural Cannabis Products

Michael Cammarata isn’t like most businessmen. He found great success at a remarkably young age. He made his first $1 million at the ripe age of 13. By 20, he’d made $100 million.

“It started as a kid,” Cammarata tells Men’s Journal. “I started playing StarCraft and computer games, and it progressed into joining a gaming group… not really knowing it would be a career. I made my own web-hosting company, and it became very successful.”

It might seem like an unusual trajectory, but his interests and entrepreneurial skills complemented one another.

“My idea to play video games… it led into my passion for building businesses,” he explains. “Start with what drives you, and it can lead you to a great place.”

Over the course of his career, Cammarata’s pivoted from video games to web hosting to wellness products, his most current enterprise. But the goal has always been the same: Improve people’s lives.

As CEO and president of Neptune Wellness Solutions, Cammarata is honing in on the extraction, purification, and formulation of cannabis products.

Watch the full video with Cammarata to hear more about how he started his career, his best advice for becoming successful, and more.

Some parting advice: “When you go into any business, you have to focus on what you’re passionate about,” Cammarata says. “It leads you in the right direction.”

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