Check Out the New Laser Razor


Introducing the Skarp Razor—or, as we might say, the future of shaving as we know it.

Forget irritation and the clean-up process. The new shaving implement from Skarp Technologies is trades out traditional razor blades for laser that literally melts through hair by emitting a particular light wavelength, saving you money on water and shaving supplies. Powered by an AAA battery, which gives the razor a life of 50,000 hours, there’s no slowing this bad boy down.

The Skarp Razor / Kickstarter

Skarp founders Morgan Gustavsson and Paul Binun launched a Kickstarter earlier this month for the brand new razor, and they’ve already crushed their initial $160,000 goal en route to a cool $1.2 million with 19 days to go on their bid.

You’ll be able to take it for a spin pretty soon; Skarp has preliminary agreements with manufacturers and is awaiting capital from their immensely successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign. 

(H/T to Mashable)

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