The Classic, Affordable Aftershave


Edouard Pinaud opened his Paris perfumery in 1810 and, in short order, was asked to supply his signature scents to the court of Napoleon III, President of the Republic. He created his first aftershave for a Hungarian cavalry unit before releasing Clubman, a line of products that has since become commonplace the world over – and with good reason. The classic Pinaud-Clubman After Shave Lotion, which isn’t actually a lotion at all, became one of the first widely used men’s scents because it feels as good as it smells.

Aftershave does the work of both a lotion and a subtle cologne, soothing sensitive skin with a cooling pick-me-up and giving off a subtle, masculine fragrance that sticks with you throughout the day. “Aftershave not only helps protect and moisturize skin, but it also adds a discrete scent to the experience,” says Sam Buffa, co-owner of the rapidly expanding men’s hair emporium, Fellow Barber. And you don’t need to have just used a razor to justify a splash of the stuff.

“It’s important year-round, but anything that helps add extra moisture to skin in the winter is a plus,” Buffa adds. “Guys have a hard time remembering how important it is to hydrate skin, and if we can use a product that helps on a couple of different levels, then I say it’s a must.”

While nearly every men’s skin-care line makes an aftershave or an aftershave equivalent, Pinauld-Clubman’s Original After Shave sits next to the sink in classic barbershops and racquet clubs for a reason: Its combination of orange, lavender, and musk is distinctive and earthy, but not overpowering – so no one has to feel guilty about using it liberally. Also, it’s incredibly affordable. We strongly recommend keeping a bottle between the scotch and the spare phone charger in your desk drawer. Slap it on whenever you feel a little rough around the edges. [$7.95;]

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