The Corduroy Pants Guide: Our Top Picks for Men This Season

Man wearing brown corduroy pants and a brown shirt
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Each year, guys around the world quest for winter-appropriate pants that fuse the roll-out-of-bed comfort of sweatpants with a fashion-forward sensibility, durability, and vintage appeal. Corduroy pants check all those boxes. Generations of style-savvy men have cherished this velvety ribbed material as a cold-weather staple, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace the cord.



Corduroy is a ridged fabric that can be traced back to fustian, a dense woven fabric of linen and cotton invented in ancient Egypt. In the following centuries, the wavy textile found its way to Europe, where it became a popular material for garments worn by clergymen, nobles, and merchants in the Middle Ages. In the 19th century, mills in Manchester, England began weaving pile-cut yarn into what we would recognize as a modern-day corduroy. Ever since, this soft and surprisingly durable material has been used in a wide range of apparel and even in furniture and upholstery, too.

Plush yet durable, corduroy is a versatile textile that can take many forms in a man’s wardrobe, from baseball caps to pleated trousers. Today’s corduroy fabrics are available in a variety of weights and wales—the vertical ribs that lend the fuzzy, cozy texture and make corduroy a perfect fit for colder months. Generally, narrower wales are seen more often on shirts and jackets, while wider wales are reserved for garments that require more sturdy construction, like blazers or corduroy pants.

Speaking of pants, you’ll find ‘em in a dizzying range of styles and silhouettes, and they’ll work with nearly all of your footwear, from white sneakers to chunky leather boots. You can’t go wrong with corduroy—as long as you wash them inside-out to preserve the integrity of the ribbed exterior. Check out our favorite corduroy pants for men below.

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The Best Corduroy Pants for Men

NN07 Theo 1427 Regular Cotton Corduroy Trouser
NN07 Theo 1427 Regular Cotton Corduroy Trouser Courtesy Image

1. NN07 Theo 1427 Regular Cotton Corduroy Trouser

Crafted from a unique diagonal corduroy from renowned Italian mill Duca Visconti, NN07’s mid-rise chinos are a versatile cold-weather twist on a classic formal trouser, complete with a crisp leg crease and a blind hem.


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J. Crew 484 Slim-Fit Pant in Corduroy
J. Crew 484 Slim-Fit Pant in Corduroy Courtesy Image

2. J. Crew 484 Slim-Fit Pant in Corduroy

A great entry-level cord, J. Crew’s 484 pant offers a refined corduroy look with its trim fit through the thigh and leg and its closely spaced wales. Better yet, it comes in several versatile colors to match any wardrobe.


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corduroy pants Buck Mason Stretch Cord Ford Standard Jean
Buck Mason Stretch Cord Ford Standard Jean Courtesy Image

3. Buck Mason Stretch Cord Ford Standard Jean

Buck Mason revamped its signature five-pocket jeans with a lightweight 10-ounce, 14-wale corduroy that offers plenty of structure and warmth without feeling overly hefty or slouchy. The low-pile cotton weave is milled with one-percent elastic for improved freedom of movement.


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Todd Snyder Slim Fit 5-Pocket Italian Corduroy Pant
Todd Snyder Slim Fit 5-Pocket Italian Corduroy Pant Courtesy Image

4. Todd Snyder Slim Fit 5-Pocket Italian Corduroy Pant

Todd Snyder’s vintage-inspired corduroy trousers are tailored with a traditional five-pocket denim styling that’s fit for the office and weekend adventures, too. Crafted with a 14-wale stretch corduroy sourced from Italy, these slim-fit bottoms come dyed in eight different colorways that look good pretty much everywhere.


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Paul Smith Men's Tapered-Fit Corduroy Pants
Paul Smith Men’s Tapered-Fit Corduroy Pants Courtesy Image

5. Paul Smith Men’s Tapered-Fit Corduroy Pants

Paul Smith’s soft five-pocket cotton corduroy pants can be styled with everything from flannel button-downs to cashmere hoodies. They’re tailored with a tapered leg and finished with silver hardware and a leather waistband patch embossed with the Paul Smith logo.


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Frame L'Homme Slim Corduroy
Frame L’Homme Slim Corduroy Courtesy Image

6. Frame L’Homme Slim Corduroy

If you’re already a fan of Frame’s hallmark L’Homme slim-fit jeans, then you’ll really dig the brand’s premium stretch corduroy version of the same silhouette. It doesn’t get better than this mid-rise pair, which is tailored to look sharp enough for office holiday parties and date nights.


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Faherty Stretch Corduroy 5-Pocket
Faherty Stretch Corduroy 5-Pocket Courtesy Image

7. Faherty Stretch Corduroy 5-Pocket

Faherty uses organic cotton for its five-pocket corduroy pants, and they boast just enough stretch to make them feel roomy and comfortable for all-day wear. Their slim, straight fit gives them a tailored silhouette that’s perfect for stylish urbanites on the go.


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Gap Corduroy Joggers corduroy pants
Gap Corduroy Joggers Courtesy Image

8. Gap Corduroy Joggers

Gap’s corduroy joggers are a bona fide bargain at less than 100 bucks. An athleisure-inspired take on the classic cord, these stretch corduroy knit pants are built for comfort and feature an elasticated drawcord waistband, banded ankle cuffs, and two slanted front pockets to discreetly stash your phone and wallet.


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Kestin Aberlour Straight-Leg Cotton-Corduroy Trousers
Kestin Aberlour Straight-Leg Cotton-Corduroy Trousers Courtesy Image

9. Kestin Aberlour Straight-Leg Cotton-Corduroy Trousers

Modeled after the utilitarian pants worn by carpenters, Kestin’s Aberlour trousers are loose-fitting but structured—in other words, they won’t look schlubby. They’re cut from a 100-percent cotton corduroy and are garment-dyed so the color won’t fade over time.


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Corridor Variegated Cord Pleated Trousers
Corridor Variegated Cord Pleated Trousers Courtesy Image

10. Corridor Variegated Cord Pleated Trousers

This is a pair of corduroy pants you can feel good about (and look good in). Corridor emphasizes sustainability and responsible sourcing with all its garments, and these pants were made in a third-generation workshop in India where the workers are paid a living wage. Because the company emphasizes building strong relationships with its suppliers, you get a product that’s better for the world and unique: These expertly crafted pants are hand-embroidered, feature hand-loomed fabrics, are are dyed naturally.


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Gucci Crinkled Corduroy Pant
Gucci Crinkled Corduroy Pant Courtesy Image

11. Gucci Crinkled Corduroy Pant

Style from the 1970s has greatly influenced Gucci’s recent collections, and that’s evident in these groovy relaxed-fit corduroy pants with a slightly flared leg. Pair the brown trousers with white Converses, black leather Chelsea boots, or even a pair of cowboy boots if you’re feeling really adventurous.


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