Meet the Watch Experts: Crown & Caliber

“When I was younger, my great grandfather–who I’m named after–one of his passions was having a small collection of pocket watches. And I was given one of those pocket watches when I turned 18,” says Charles Emslie, a watchmaker at Crown & Caliber, an online shop in Atlanta that sells pre-owned luxury watches.

“Being able to take that watch, open it and look at it, and see this amazing piece of American manufacturing from well over 100 years ago, it just enthralled me–I was captivated from the moment I first laid eyes on it.”

While Emslie works as a certified watchmaker at Crown & Caliber, he’s one of many watch experts there including refinishers, client services, and more, who can tell you everything you need to know about any given watch you see up on its site.

“I say it all the time to clients: ‘We’re a bunch of watch nerds,'” Nathan Nerswick, a client services manager at Crown & Caliber, told Men’s Journal. “And what’s really cool is if you call in, you’re going to get one of four or five people.”

In other words, if you’re considering buying a $12,000 Panerai or a $5,000 Rolex Oyster Perpetual from Crown & Caliber and have a question, you can ask a real expert (and a fellow watch enthusiast) without just getting an automated response. “You have to be knowledgable and you have to be in tune with the product, but you also have to care about people.”

Get to know more about the team behind Crown & Caliber in the video above.

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