Cyber Monday Made Simple

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When the craziness of Black Friday subsides and you’ve successfully conquered Small Business Saturday, it’s time to gear up for yet another shopping holiday–Cyber Monday. With quick and easy access to all your favorite stores and your digital shopping cart a lot lighter than your real one, it’s easy to go overboard and/or feel a bit overwhelmed. Where do you begin? What do you buy? Let this Men’s Fitness guide help you make the most of cyber savings.

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Do your homework

Google, people, Google! Find out if what you want will be on sale Monday, and do this well in advance. Many sites are already offering deep discounts–thanks to a new trend called “cyber week”–so you can actually start shopping now. Also, sign up to receive those special (and OK, especially annoying) email updates or “like” a store’s social media page. It’s likely that the retailer will inform you of deals before they hit the web.

Don’t go crazy

If you don’t need it and won’t spend the next year wishing you bought it, don’t buy it. Save your money for something you really need and don’t just make a purchase because the sale seems too good to pass up.

Be safe

If a deal is too good to be true, and you’ve never actually heard of crazzydeal$.net before, it’s best to stay away. Stick with what you know, log on from a secure location, and keep track of what you’re spending. 

Look for free shipping

You’ve got what looks like a great deal sitting in your online shopping cart, and then bam! You’re hit with outrageous shipping costs. The fix: log onto to search for a free-shipping code, or vow only to shop where free shipping is included.

Use apps

In addition to checking out stores’ own apps, a few deal-finding downloads are worth the click. Shopular, which was included in our Best Money-Saving Apps round-up, is a great one–you can quickly find sales and promo codes just by clicking on an image of your favorite store. Another one to add to your home screen is Slice, which will alert you when prices drop and also help you track your shipment. 

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