Does Your Sock Drawer Need a Takeover?

Main nice laundry sock makeover

For many of us, socks end up being an afterthought. Something that is required to fill the void between our soles and those of our shoes. Socks are a tricky addition that can either be the well-executed period on the end of our sartorial sentence, or the flat punch line of a failed footwear joke. Either way, socks are pretty much a must, so there is no abbreviation around it. 

Now, thanks to the deliverable fashion resource powers-that-be, there is a way that we can check sock-buying off our shopping list with ease. No more forgetting to head to the sock department of the frustrating department store, or putting off sock purchases because you can live with that hole in the heel one more time (we’ve all done it). Now, a company called Nice Laundry is offering a Sock Drawer Takeover. Here’s how it works: You get seven pairs of socks every three months for only $49. (You cannot buy decent socks on sale for that price. Trust me, I am all about a sock on sale.)

With the Nice Laundry Sock Drawer Takeover, you get six everyday pairs plus one special seasonal pair per shipment. This includes Nice Laundry’s colorful, athletic, and other socks that have yet to be released. They insure your socks will always be stylish, fresh, and functional. In addition to all of that awesomeness, you can recycle your old socks with their Forever Fresh recycle program that helps eliminate textile waste and reduce electricity used in production. And if super fresh feet and a better planet aren’t your things, you can cancel at any time.

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