Dwyane Wade’s Style Vibe

Dwyane Wade’s Style Vibe

A scene stealer on and off the court, this Miami Heat shooting guard knows how to play the game, even when he’s prepping for a red carpet event. Never an easy feat when you’re talking fitted clothes on a 6’4″, 220-pound frame. Wade’s secret: Trust your gut. “Always follow your own fashion instincts,” he says. “Let your personality reflect in how you dress. It’ll make you feel better about yourself.”

Listen Up
Being a member of Team Jordan and the Miami Heat allows Dwyane Wade to get lots of feedback from other guys. “If someone is wearing a piece that’s fl y, we’ll usually comment on it. And we definitely will talk about someone’s fashion that’s not right!”

Stand Out
As part of a team, D-Wade doesn’t want to get lost in the crowd. “Last year during All-Star weekend I took a risk by wearing a bow tie and glasses. People had fun talking about it, but that’s the reaction I wanted.”

Go for an Assist
“I have a great stylist who I collaborate with. We work well together, so it takes care of all the stress when it comes to what to wear. I just show up and look good.” You may not have a stylist, but your lady—or anyone who shares your fashion sense—can help you look your best.

Play Favorites
If you have a go-to designer, stick with them. You’ll know exactly what sizes fit right, and they’ll always have some thing you like. Wade’s picks? Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci.