Ear Hair Is Not To Be Overlooked

Remember your ears rotator

You may not have heard yet – you may already be having trouble hearing because of it– but nobody likes a guy with hairy ears.

If you’re nearing 30 years old or even in you’re in your middle 20’s, you might be experiencing hair growth in places that you never thought you would. Even if it’s not quite “OK” with you, remember that there’s nothing to worry about. It’s natural and to put a more positive spin on it, it’s another reminder that you’re really a man.

There are usually two different types of ear hair. The first type of ear hair is inner ear hair and it’s the most common. It typically grows from the edge of the ear canal out. Outer ear hair usually grows along the pinna or the edges of the outer ear, one hair at a time.

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The truly best way to clear the canal of ear hair is to use an ear and nose trimmer. We suggest something like the Wahl 9818 Lithium Ion Stainless Steel All-in-one Groomer. The ear and nose head will allow you to gently cut away the hair that is growing at the entrance of your ear canal like a wild bush outside a vacant house.

The hair growing along the edges outside your ears can be a little trickier than inner ear hair. First, you definitely do not want to try and cut the outer ear hair with a conventional razor, especially one with multiple blades, because it usually always leads to cuts, nicks and irritation.  Some people might use tweezers for this, but you run the risk of pricking your skin over and over again if you can’t quite see the hair you’re trying to pluck. In this care, try using a small pair of nose scissors. Another option – if you have something like the Gillette Fusion ProGlide 3-in-1 Styler you can gently run the buzzer around the edges of your pinnas, but be sure you have a good look at what you’re trying to trim and that you don’t cause any irritation by going over the same spot too many times.


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