Editor’s Pick: the Fastest and Safest Sunless Tanner for Men

Editor’s Pick: the Fastest and Safest Sunless Tanner for Men

We all know that sun exposure is not healthy for our skin in any prolonged dose. It ages you, sure, but more importantly, UV radiation is a proven carcinogen. More people develop skin cancer because of tanning than develop lung cancer because of smoking. Unbelievable, right? So, indoor tanning is a better, right? Think again. Those who have ever tanned indoors have a 67 percent increased risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma, a 29 percent increased risk of developing basal cell carcinoma, and a 69 percent risk of developing it before age 40. 

Well, I have been hyper-aware of the sun and its harmful side effects ever since I was a kid. By age eight, I already had cells that were A-typical removed from my face. A-typical cells are not cancer, but their presence is a warning of an inherited tendency to develop melanoma, which IS cancer. Ever since then I have been diligent about my sunscreen. But you know what sucks? Not being tan. You know how bad it is for your skin, but it just looks so good! Enter sunless tanning…

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I have tried them all. I mean, it’s part of the job as Style & Grooming Editor at Men’s Fitness. But now I have found Norvell, and it has been a game changer. Get it out of your head that self-tanning is only for women or that you’ll be streaky or orange or crazy. Yes, it may take some practice if you do it on your own, but Norvell has you covered there too! They lead the way in airbrush tanning and offer both booth and technician applied options.  

Rick Norvell, Founder and President of Norvell says, “Just as cell phones have evolved over time, so have sunless tanning technologies. From the advanced solutions themselves, to the scientific way an auto booth sprays the body, to the art of a handheld spray application by a Sunless Spray Technician – today’s professional sunless tanning application is stellar.”

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Whether you go on the regular to fool your friends into thinking you have hours to lay out all the time, or you have that last minute beach trip and don’t want to look like the only one chained to your desk all summer, I fully encourage you to try out the Norvell booth, or better yet, a technician. Or, if you’re an at-home-pro, go for the One-Hour Rapid spray and catch up on your Netflix. 

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