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Everyone is Raving About These Leather Goods

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Over the past year, many of us started caring more about the quality of what we brought into our homes since we were spending so much time there. Maybe you started looking for vintage furniture for your apartment, began replacing plastic containers with glass storage or consciously thought about shopping local and minimizing your use of products that don’t last.

Sometimes it’s difficult to stick to these changes. It’s easy to go online and find a website that makes cheap products that’ll arrive at your apartment in a day. However, you might come to realize that your connection to these products is insignificant.

You want your apartment to feel like a home and be filled with items that mean something to you, help the environment, and last for years to come. You want your home to be filled with stories and memories for every couch, rug, and picture hanging on the wall. By changing what you bring into your home, you can change your lifestyle.

Men everywhere can’t stop raving about these leather goods, and we can’t either. Welcome to the leather goods industry done right: where quality and story meet passion for the craft.

A Company That’s on a Mission To Create Handcrafted Leather Goods Made From the Highest Quality Materials

It’s amazing how quickly your mindset can shift. You don’t have to feel the urgency to have everything at once. Instead, you find yourself waiting for the right products to come along that contribute to your life as a whole.

When you find a company like Andar, it’s one of those moments where you know you’ve found a company that aligns with your values.

Andar is all about minimalist leather goods that last. Since 2015, Andar is a company that’s on a mission to create handcrafted leather goods made from the highest quality materials. As a brand, their message is all about organizing your lifestyle and carrying with you what matters.

Part of their mission is to be “an invitation to clean out the clutter,” which is exactly the direction many people are heading towards. Andar does an incredible job in creating unique pieces that have a story of their own and that individuals want to carry with them everywhere they go. Andar products are here for your life journey.

Find the right Andar piece for you today!


No Wonder Their Leather Lasts for Years


It won’t take you long to figure out that the craftsmen at Andar are master leather workers.

The quality of their leather products surpasses any leather we’ve purchased or thrifted before, and it’s all thanks to their mission and their process.

The craftsmen at Andar know that a rich leather smell and an authentic patina take time to develop, which is why they use Full Grain Leather, Vintage Leather, Nappa Leather, and Oil Waxed Leather. The quality and durability of all the Andar leathers are something that their craftsmen take seriously—no wonder their leathers last for years.

To ensure their leather maintains its natural grain and stays intact throughout all layers, Full Grain Leather from Andar comes from the top layer of the hide, making it the strongest and most durable leather available.

Experience high-quality leather and products that are made to last with Andar.

Leather Goods

There’s No Hiding Behind Inauthentic Leathers With Andar

Compared to other companies that use split grain, top grain, or enhanced grain leather, which are processes that weaken the leather and remove their natural imperfections, Andar makes it their priority to steer clear from artificial grain and maintain the genuine leather. There’s no hiding behind inauthentic leathers with Andar: this is the company you can trust to deliver on leather in its most natural form.

With no plastic top coats applied, Andar leather is able to gain its intended characteristics of weathering and forming natural patina over time. And after the products are made at Andar? Top-quality inspectors thoroughly review all their leather goods to meet and exceed their company’s standards.

If you’re looking to settle for leather stripped of its natural properties and processed with plastic, don’t shop at Andar. This is a company that only delivers on hides that are unwilling to hide.

These are the handcrafted leather goods for everyday life that will last you a lifetime.

High-Quality Leather Goods That Accompany Your Busy Lifestyle

What’s incredible about Andar is that they have high-quality leather goods that accompany your busy lifestyle, and you’ll actually carry their products everywhere you go.

Andar makes phone cases, laptop cases, AirPods cases, and wallets. And don’t miss out on their watch band to accompany your Apple watch. All the products you receive from Andar are nothing short of authentic and are made to organize your life in style.

The Helm case is made for Macbook Pro and Macbook Air laptops and has cutouts on the bottom to prevent laptop overheating. The design is smart, sleek, and brings a touch of class wherever you carry your laptop.

The brown laptop case from Andar is made of premium full grain oil waxed leather, lined with microfiber protection, and is smooth and lightweight for any and all travel purposes.

Elevate your workspace with this sleek laptop case.

The Sand and Navy iPhone Cases Are the Most Professional-Looking Dual Leather Pieces We’ve Ever Seen

The sand and navy iPhone cases are the most professional-looking dual leather goods we’ve ever seen. The feel of the case is smooth and easy to grip, too.

If you want a case that can hold a card in the back, you can try The Fitz for your iPhone. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied.

Every time you pull out your phone, your hands will be comfortable holding the Oil Waxed Leather, and you’ll love how your phone looks in the case. When you need quick access to your cards, The Fitz is the perfect case to accompany your on-the-go mentality. You’re finally able to fit two cards comfortably in the back of your phone case, pull them out when you need to, and look good doing it.

Upgrade Your Wallet to a Classy, Sturdy Leather Model

When you do need to pull out your wallet for your insurance card, second credit card, or cash purchases, you can pull out The Freeman. With an ID window, a center pocket for cash, and six card slots for up to eight cards, your purchases are in good hands with the Andar leather wallet.

These wallets changed the game for men everywhere. You no longer have to worry about a hefty wallet bulging out of your pocket. Instead, you have the chance to carry up to 10 cards, access your cards quickly with pull-tab features, and take out your wallet in style. The slick Full Grain Vintage Leather of The Ranger makes the choice to switch simple.

Find the wallet you’ve always wanted here with Andar.

The Capsule Sets Your Airpods Apart From the Rest

The lifetime of Andar leather is long, with durability that lasts for years. With no breakage and a natural weathering process, Andar is also the only leather goods company in the industry that promises high-quality lifestyle products that accompany you everywhere you go. They also promise products that don’t break the bank.

The Capsule is one Andar product that is affordable and practical. The Capsule is a leather AirPod case that will elevate your style and your experience with your music.

It comes in Camel Tan, Brown, Black, and Navy Blue and provides complete 360-degree protection for your AirPod case. There are charging port cutouts, the case is simple to open and close, and it’s compatible with wireless charging accessories. The Capsule sets your AirPods apart from the rest and gives you peace of mind knowing your pods are protected from anything the day might throw your way.

Life is about carrying what matters with you.

There’s No Place Like Home, Wherever You Carry Andar

Andar delivers on craftsmanship, functionality, and unique uses for leather. They bring tradition to making their leather goods and bring modernity to the versatility of their products.

From their laptop cases to their wallets and even their leather bags, there’s a lot of ground that Andar covers—in leather. Andar is the high-quality leather company you’ve been looking for, and it fits into your lifestyle effortlessly.

It’s not every day that you come across items that you want to bring into your home, but now you know there’s no place like home, wherever you carry Andar.

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