Expert Look of the Week: How to Wear Corduroy this Fall

Mj 618_348_style tips transitioning to fall
Courtesy of J.Hilburn

I grew up in Phoenix, where seasons don’t so much change as they fade slightly up and down, from hot to a little less hot and back. So unfortunately I didn’t earn the necessary higher education for transitioning your wardrobe to colder climates when faced with a crisp fall day in the Northeast, and when thrown into the snow a few years back, I figured, “Well this light jacket looks good. I guess I’m going to be cold today.”

But recently Jon Patrick, formerly of Ralph Lauren and now J. Hilburn creative director, took pity on my obvious West Coat ignorance and put together looks for the next four weeks that will highlight how me and other men can make the easy transition to winter, what accessories that will keep them warm and styled, wardrobe staples that are perfect for battling the elements, and how to (heavily) layer up and still look good.

This week, it’s all about how to wear corduroy, which Patrick explains “works really well in September and October, and then transitions beautifully from fall right into winter.” His personal choice for this time of year is 11 wale corduroy, which “isn’t too heavy, isn’t too beefy,” so it won’t have you sweltering on the streets should the sun come out for a few hours in the afternoon.

“Camel is a great color for fall,” Patrick adds. “You’re seeing it in jackets and suiting and for overcoats. Camelhair coats are kind of making a comeback, too.” You can wear the above three-piece camel suit as separates with a strong tartan dress shirt during a normal day at the office. And then, depending on the level of formality you’re aiming for that night, toss on the vest and match it with a denim tie for a great look for fall.

If you want to dress it up, Patrick suggests adding only a few casual pops of accessories: “You don’t want too much going on, so just a classic, clean white pocket square, and a lapel flower that picks up on the whole color scheme, but doesn’t look too matchy-match, or like you’re trying too hard.” Which is a good rule no matter what you wear this winter. 

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