Fall Fashion Advice From Clinton Kelly

Fall Fashion Advice From Clinton Kelly

If you’ve never heard of What Not to Wear, think back to the last time your girlfriend watched a makeover show marathon on TLC. You’ll probably recall a 360-degree mirror and a metal trash can for discarding frumpy sweaters and acid wash jeans. And maybe if we’re lucky you remember co-hosts Clinton Kelly and Stacy London. The duo advises women on exactly what the show’s title suggests–and now Kelly’s going to do the same for you. As What Not to Wear enters its final season, Men’s Fitness sat down with the fashion expert to find out what guys should and shouldn’t wear this fall, and what mangos have to do with looking good (random, we know).

What Not to Wear…to Work

According to Kelly, most men aren’t willing to take chances when it comes to picking out their clothes. “I live in New York City near a major office building and guys come out of work in a uniform of a gray pant and a light blue shirt,” he says. “Or maybe to mix it up they wear a black pant with a light blue shirt, or a white shirt instead of the light blue shirt. To me, it almost seems like a prison uniform–it’s depressing to watch them come out of the office at 5 p.m.”

To break the monotony, Kelly recommends looking for clothes with a little bit of color, texture, or even some type of pattern. He also reminds guys to be mindful of how their clothes fit. “I’m finally seeing men wear suits that are cut closer to the body. That dropped-crotch pleated pant is finally making its way out of the American man’s wardrobe. It’s nice to see these great tailored suits come back.”

The Easiest Clothing Upgrade

If you’re looking to improve one thing about your wardrobe, Kelly advises starting with your pants. “Instead of going for a baggier fit, opt for something that looks a bit more tailored. Try doing more of a straight leg that fits closer to the body. That’s a big thing right there.”

Stop Worrying About Standing Out

“A real man isn’t afraid to express himself through style,” says Kelly. “There’s nothing that says that style is a feminine thing. I find that men who are so turned off by the idea of style have some serious issues about their own masculinity.” Basically, if you’re a guy who likes great shoes just as much as you like going to the gym, you’re doing something right. Excited to try on some of fall’s biggest trends? Kelly recommends camouflage and burgundy-colored clothing, and cuffing your pants to show some ankle.

Get a Mangover

Kelly’s concerns don’t stop at looking pulled together–he cares about feeling good and staying healthy, too. Recently, he partnered with the National Mango Board to help promote the nutritious year-round fruit. ”They’re a great way to get vitamin C into your diet and they’re low-calorie as well,” he says. “If you’re watching your weight, they’re a nice option because they’re a sweet snack that will satisfy your cravings.” 

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