Fall Fashion Essentials

Fall Fashion Essentials

At the risk of sounding like a washed-up ’80s standup comedian: men are different from women, because we don’t know our bodies. Most ladies are more than happy, often to the point of annoyance, to admit their ass is too large for a pair of jeans or their breasts too small for a shirt. Unfortunately, we either don’t care about what we’re wearing — so a skintight shirt from 10 years ago suffices — or we try to update the wardrobe with whatever is in fashion.

While any attempt at shopping is noble and should be applauded, not all new trends work for every body type. Just because you’re lifting weights and jogging every third day doesn’t mean you’re ready for the skinny jeans. They might be in style, but wearing them with a serious beer gut will only make you appear more clueless and unattractive. In fashion, there’s no such thing as an A for effort.

Since Fall is the time for everyone to exchange their swimsuits and flip-flops for the newest trends — here is an easy to follow guide for what to wear. Look in the mirror and be honest, it will save you face later.

Thin Guys

Muscular Guys

Husky Guys

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