Fall Fashion for Husky Guys


If you’re a bigger guy, the skinny jean trend is not going to do you any favors. Sure, you may be able to fit into a pair because your legs are skinny. However, don’t delude yourself if your gut is hanging over. Wear jeans that fit well, not baggy, but look elsewhere for pants also.

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Pinstripes pants are classic and not meant to be worn tight. The vertical lines will help your legs look longer and slimmer, plus matching these pants with a striped shirt or argyle sweater will class up an otherwise ordinary ensemble.

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The vintage cut, flat-front twill pants are coming back. These pants again are dressier and aren’t cut tight like most of the current denim trends. Combine those with a new pair of dark brown boots, perhaps some classic ankle boots.

The unfortunate stereotype with most husky men is they get frustrated trying to find fashion that fits and they eventually give up. Resist the urge to just throw on any old T-shirt and sweatshirt. This is the season to get dressed up. Go for broke, man up, and buy a suit.

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With the popularity of Mad Men, traditional suit cuts are coming back. There’s no need to squeeze into the skinny suits from last year. While many of the bigger brand names are going back to the classics, you don’t need to break the bank. Just make sure you find a great tailor that will cater to your body, otherwise you’ll come out looking like a refrigerator box.

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While Don Draper may disagree, you can’t wear a suit all the time. Get yourself some cardigans. We’re not talking about the band your sister listened to or your grandpa’s stuffy rag he wore around the house — designers have modernized them. With cuts that slim rather than drape, get a couple to pair with different outfits and weather conditions. If you want, spring for one with elbow patches — the retro-college professor look is in. That’s great news for bigger guys, who couldn’t find vintage T-shirts that fit them.

Don’t think of your glasses as medical, think of them as face jewelry. They can compliment your eyes and even slim your face. The bigger, thicker frames are in style and that’s great for wider faces. Is your face more round than wide? Then stick with frames that have sharp angles, such as rectangles or trapezoids. Go to a fashionable eyewear place and ask for help. Try on a number of pairs, don’t just pick a pair that ‘kind of looks like the ones Kanye wears.’

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If this all seems too much to handle, or your afraid you don’t have a great body image, you can never go wrong with the classic: plain T-shirt, jeans, and nice shoes. Those look great on any man of any body type. The main thing to remember is that everything should fit your body well. Too tight, other than skinny jeans on skinny guys, or too baggy won’t win you any style points. Now head out into the wave of Fall Fashion with confidence and win over someone to cuddle up with through the winter.

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