Fall Fashion for Muscular Guys

Muscular Build

Be proud of your ripped thighs, but don’t try to show them off with skinny jeans. Women are so much more impressed if you leave them guessing. Stick with jeans; they have been taking an even stronger role in the American male wardrobe. Don’t go baggy, just a pair that fit you well: tight enough around the butt to show it off, but not so tight that you can bounce a penny off it.

Photo courtesy of American Eagle Outfitters

A pair of work boots will complement the jeans well. This classic style is back and will make muscular guys look like a young Marlon Brando. The kind of guy women dream about showing up when their cars are broken down or the sink is plugged.

While the lower half can remain classic and modest, your shirt can put a steamier spin on an old classic. Depending on the setting and modesty level, V-necks come in different cuts. If the chest is chiseled and the hair is properly maintained, go a little lower. Give the ladies a peak.

Photo courtesy of Old Navy

As it gets colder, stay woodsy with a moleskin pullover and vest. Women will think of you as a sexy lumberjack. Hoodies are popular right now too, however, muscular guys have to be more selective in hoodie purchasing. Buying a plain black one can make you look like a thug. Not a great image to give the ladies. Try picking out more stylish ones by designers other than Dickies.

Photo courtesy of Gap

Don’t be afraid to move away from the blue-collar theme and pair everything with a fitted blazer. We’re not talking about the type of bulky blazer Uncle Phil wore once a year to Christmas. Look for one that’s slimmer cut and moves with your frame. Couple this with the V-neck or go preppy and get a V-neck sweater with a striped button-down shirt, but don’t tuck it in. Women like a man who combines a smart look with fitness.

Skinny ties are back, but if your chest is wide (and kudos if it is) these ties will make you look silly. Wear a loose-fitting, thicker tie if you’re going for the dressier look.

Photo courtesy of Abercrombie and Fitch

Those who stick to the blue collar/Paul Bunyon look this season will want some leather and wool gloves. Flannel plaid prints are back and not just for shirts — gloves, hats, and scarves are also fair game.

If this all seems too much to handle, or your afraid you don’t have a great body image, you can never go wrong with the classic: plain T-shirt, jeans, and nice shoes. Those look great on any man of any body type. The main thing to remember is that everything should fit your body well. Too tight, other than skinny jeans on skinny guys, or too baggy won’t win you any style points. Now head out into the wave of Fall Fashion with confidence and win over someone to cuddle up with through the winter.

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