Fall Fashion for Thin Guys

Thin Build

Skinny guys are in luck because trends are helping to hide the puny or embrace the slim. First of all, the skinny jeans are making up for all the years baggy jeans made guys look like a toothpick wearing a donut. Get yourself multiple pairs and buy some tighter underwear. Wearing the bulky boxers will bunch up and bulge in the wrong places.

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters

If people have always commented on what big feet you have (your actual feet, not a sly term for your package), remember that most skinny jeans are tapered. That can make your sturdy feet look like clown shoes. If this is the case, look for slim fit jeans that do not taper.

Simple V-neck tees are in, which is great because a whole wardrobe can be updated for cheap by purchasing six colors. However, skinny guys may not want to accentuate their chests too much, especially if the chest is a bit concave.

Photo courtesy of J. Crew

The tweedy Beat Generation vibe from the late ’50s/early ’60s is back and that is great news for those who fall in this body type. Throwing on a tweed jacket with most outfits will not only bring up style points, but will bulk you up some.  Retro tweed sports jackets are in, just don’t couple it with the graphic tees from last season. Buy some button-down shirts that fit you well, perhaps some flannel. The grunge-era staple is coming back, but don’t wear them baggy like Kirk Cobain. Today’s flannel should be fitted.

For an accessory, add a scarf to the new tweed jacket. Wait until it gets cold enough for a thick scarf though. The thin decorative scarves look too effeminate.

Photo courtesy of Macy’s

If this all seems too much to handle, or your afraid you don’t have a great body image, you can never go wrong with the classic: plain T-shirt, jeans, and nice shoes. Those look great on any man of any body type. The main thing to remember is that everything should fit your body well. Too tight, other than skinny jeans on skinny guys, or too baggy won’t win you any style points. Now head out into the wave of Fall Fashion with confidence and win over someone to cuddle up with through the winter.

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