The Mattress Protector You Need to Prevent Stains

Mattress Protector
Everlasting Comfort

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It’s the middle of the night, and your three-year-old son runs into your bedroom. He jumps on your bed, afraid and convinced that the monster in his closet is about to eat him.

It’s happened before, and it will most likely happen again: your child has wet the bed.

Whether he’s playing with friends, your dog, or his older brother, accidents happen. Just last week, your dog knocked over a glass of orange juice onto your son’s bed, and the month before that, you spilled your morning coffee onto your pillow.

That’s why we’re sharing with you the only defending solution to keep you and your bed covered—literally.

Finally! A mattress protector that actually works.


You Can’t Avoid Accidental Messes, Spills, Or Other Liquids That May Find Themselves Falling Onto Your Bed


When it comes to an expensive mattress, replacing this large of an investment is not always an option.

Since you can’t avoid accidental messes, spills, or other liquids that may find themselves falling onto your bed, finding a high-quality cover to protect your bed is important. It’s like insurance for your mattress.

Remember, if your son is three years old, we guarantee accidents will happen again, and again, and again—for as long as he lives under your roof, expect a possible spill or mess at all times.


Protect Against Sweat Spells And Keep Your Mattress Clean Of Other Nighttime And Daytime Stains


Made from 100% waterproof material while still using soft and hypoallergenic fabric, the Everlasting Comfort mattress protectors deliver superior quality for a superior sleeping experience.

These protectors not only repel fluids, are machine washable, block bed bugs, and are created with breathable membrane material, but they also protect against sweat spells and keep your mattress clean of other nighttime and daytime stains.

Made to fit mattresses up to 18 inches deep and hold snug over the mattress top and sides, Everlasting Comfort created this waterproof protector with you, your child, and any other accident-prone family members or friends in mind. With a snug hold on all sides of the bed, these protectors can repel stains easier with dual-layer protection.

Mattress Protector
Everlasting Comfort

Mattress Protectors Are A Small Investment To Keep Your Big Investments Safe!


Everlasting Comfort also created waterproof mattress protectors that are quieter than competing brands to prevent loud crinkling sounds when you move in your sleep.

The protectors are made for six different bed sizes ranging from a twin to a California king, and include two waterproof pillow covers! The premium quality of the mattress protectors delivers a carefree, clean, and comfortable sleep, too.

Mattress protectors are a small investment to keep your big investments safe! Young children, elderly folk, and all ages in between benefit from mattress protection—we’re protecting everyone from those ‘uh-oh’ and ‘oops’ moments.


We Not Only Understand The Need For a Worry-Free, Stain-Free Sleeping Experience For The Whole Household That’s Still Cozy And Calm


Now that you have your kid covered and comforted, what helps you sleep? Have you ever considered an essential oil diffuser? A diffuser works with all your senses in a rewarding and stress-relieving process that is great for falling asleep! Instead of simply focusing on what’s on your bed, turn your attention to what’s around your room.

The Essential Oil Diffuser by Everlasting Comfort simultaneously releases fragrance and water that freshens and purifies your bedroom air with cleansing aromas.

When you’re falling asleep, the essential diffuser provides colored LED light options for whatever tone puts you to sleep. With colors like cozy pink, calming blue, and a vibrant red, the LED lights are dimmable for nighttime use and meditation.

Get a great night’s sleep and involve all your senses with an essential oil diffuser!

The Essential Oil Diffuser
Everlasting Comfort

Since We Share Our Homes With Loved Ones, Young And Old, It’s Important To Create Spaces Where Everyone is Comfortable, Safe, And Ready For Anything


The diffuser comes in either a sleek dark brown wood and a light brown wood tone, meaning that its elegant design matches with any decor scheme. This diffuser runs for up to thirteen hours, with automatic increment settings of one, three, and six hours—you never have to worry about accidentally leaving it running.

If anyone in your household is looking for a safe and comforting space to sleep in, the LED essential oil diffuser is recognized internationally for this exact purpose.

Everlasting Comfort operates on one idea—everyone needs to feel comfortable in their own homes. Since we share our homes with loved ones, young and old, it’s important that we create spaces where everyone is comfortable, safe, and ready for any monster in the closet!

Now more than ever, a safe space at home is key for lowering anxiety levels, creating productive sleeping habits, and helping everyone feel healthier for a calm night’s sleep.


This Premium, Ultra Soft, Double-Sided Deluxe Blanket Is The Cherry On Top Of A Long Snooze


Now that you’ve got an idea of what Everlasting Comfort is all about, let’s add to the lush experience with their Luxury Faux Fur Throw Blanket. This blanket comes in eight exciting colors that are incredible for children and adults alike.

For your teenage son, grab the burnt red color to match his walls, and for your blue and brown bedroom, the silky and soft navy-toned throw is the perfect accent to your already calming color scheme.

This premium, ultra-soft, double-sided deluxe blanket is the cherry on top of a long snooze. Tuck your kid in for an afternoon nap, grab a book and read by the fire, or simply bring this faux fur blanket to bed!

With its durable fur and hidden stitching, this throw won’t shed, break, or fall apart, giving you lasting use and relaxation. Everlasting Comfort is here for you to maximize the most comfortable sleep of your life.


Sustain A Bacteria-Free Bedroom Environment, Combat Airborne Viruses, Soothe Stress, Insomnia, And Asthma, And Help With Irritated Dry Skin


To top it off for the full experience, the Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is one of the longest-standing best sellers from Everlasting Comfort, and for a good reason.

This humidifier creates the healthy ecosystem your bedroom needs for a bacteria-free environment, combat airborne viruses, aid in healing stress, insomnia, and asthma, and help with irritated, dry skin.

With whisper-quiet technology, no filter required, and fifty hours’ worth of water storage, this Everlasting Comfort essential works to your benefit day and night.

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Everlasting Comfort

At The Turn Of A Dial, Your Room Can Go From A Dry, Stuffy Space, To A Wellness-Focused Atmosphere!


This powerful humidifier is said to alleviate seasonal allergies and the common cold by filling any space, up to 500 feet, with humidified and purified air.

At the turn of a dial, your room can go from a dry, stuffy space to a wellness-centered atmosphere! Give your dry nose, dry throat, and dry skin a chance for full relief and recovery. Allow the cool-mist humidifier to do the work for you, even as you sleep overnight.

With its auto shut-off function, the mist humidifier is safe for any age! All the electrical operations of the mist humidifier also exceed ETL certification standards for a secure and worry-free product.

Feel the difference that this humidifier can make in your home today.


The Possibilities To Improve Your Overall Well-Being Are Endless With Everlasting Comfort: Give Your Household The Gift Of Comfort


If you’re ready for a whole new level of living comfortably, you came to the right place. Everlasting Comfort is here for all your at-home needs.

They provide for more than bedroom necessities. They also offer lumbar cushions for long days sitting at the office, wheelchair and seat cushions for maximum daily comfort, pillows to separate your knees for a good night’s sleep, and neck pillows for long flights or car rides.

Since we’re spending more time than ever in our homes—you deserve the right tools to create a relaxing atmosphere for everyone in your household. If it’s about peace of mind or simply a peaceful night’s rest, Everlasting Comfort is your one-stop shop to remind you that there’s no place like home.

From mattress protectors for nature’s accidents and diffusers to relieve anxiety to plush blankets to keep you and the little ones warm and cool mist humidifiers for healthy breathing, the possibilities to improve your overall well-being are endless with Everlasting Comfort.

Give your household the gift of comfort—there’s nothing like the feeling of a cozy and safe home.

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