For a Smoother Shave, Ditch the Cream and Try This

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Lathering up that buoyant puff of shaving cream may be more of a comforting ritual than a win for skin health. You might like the invigorating sting, but many harsh shaving creams from the aerosol can will actually strip your skin of oil with drying alcohol and leave it wrecked, despite its fluffy foam facade. Instead, our latest fixation is BladeButter’s ShaveJelly ($7), whose paraben and sulfate-free formula gives you a stellar glide and sets you up for a close shave.

Admittedly, the fact that it’s non-foaming may throw you off a bit at first (it did for us), but this natural gel (it’s 88 percent certified organic) actually helps to eliminate nicks and cuts, with a non-greasy finish. According to the company, the product undergoes a Nano Filtration Technology that keeps the ingredients in the tube working at their highest potency to help reduce the bacteria that your skin harbors. 

The following morning, we’re not sure if it’s expunged any nefarious bacteria lingering in our stubble or not, but we’re big fans of the smooth finish and waiting for another excuse to grab our razor, thanks to its fresh, clean scent.

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