Four Fit Jobs


Great for: Backdraft lovers

Average starting earnings: Around $45,000, higher in big cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York

The job: If you can take the heat, fighting fires can one of the most rewarding jobs around. Requirements vary by municipality, but one thing’s for sure: You’ve got to be in peak condition mentality as well as physically. In addition to a written exam, a typical physical test may require you to drag a 165-pound dummy around an obstacle course or climb 180 steps in three minutes, while wearing 50 pounds of weight.

Great for: Strong swimmers

Average starting earnings: $8 an hour

The job: You You must first pass the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training. Prerequisites include the ability to swim 500 yards continuously and retrieve a weight from the bottom of a 10-foot deep pool. Getting a tan and being around bikini-clad babes are just added bonuses.

Great for: Devotees of our MF Trainer section

Average starting earnings: $30,000 per year in most parts of the country with the potential for much more once you build up a regular clientele

The job: You’ve been spotting your training buddy for years—might as well get paid for it, right? Start by strengthening your credentials—get certified through an accredited organization such as NSCA, NASM, ACSM, or ISSA. Most gyms require at least one form of national certification. A CPR certificate is standard. And it helps to intern under a respected strength coach.

Great for: Lifters with excellent driving (and people) skills

Average starting earnings: $28 an hour

The job: Newbies must undergo a month of field training, where they get classroom and on-the-job training, which includes navigating the UPS van through cluttered streets and tight alleys. It pays well and features great benefits (senior drivers get nine weeks of paid leave). Added perk: a daily workout, since you’re constantly lifting, lowering, and carrying deliveries that average about 70 pounds. The fact that most secretaries love those brown uniforms can’t hurt either.

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