Frank & Oak Launches Yak Wool Sweaters; An Alternative To Cashmere

yak wool
Frank and Oak

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Trying to find the right tops for the fall and the winter can be difficult. Everybody has a different preference of material and styles. So there’s no real consensus, for the most part. But everybody can agree on cashmere. Cashmere is an amazing material that makes everyone wearing it feel like they’re swathed in a cloud.

But what if there was a material that wasn’t just as comfortable, but was more so? It sounds like a fever dream, but it exists. And it isn’t some crazy expensive piece of material only found at the highest quality outlets. No, it’s the highly affordable and easily accessible yak wool which is making its debut over at Frank and Oak with the Yak Wool Crewneck.

Yak wool really is so comfortable. But that softness does not hinder the ability to keep people wearing it warm. The insulation is top-notch. Which makes the Yak Wool Crewneck perfect for the fall and even for the winter. Not only that, but it just looks great. Over at Frank and Oak, there are four colors to choose from: red, navy, brown, and grey. Colors that go well with different kinds of outfits, but all are perfect for the fall/winter aesthetic.

yak wool crewneck
Frank and Oak

The comfort and the look aren’t the only things that makes the Yak Wool Crewneck great. Not only is the yak wool material stronger and more comfortable, but it is an economically sustainable alternative to cashmere. Frank and Oak is dedicated to making clothing that is high-end stuff but doesn’t leave a massive footprint on the world the way other materials do. So this crewneck is a great option. Look good, feel good, and do something good for the world all at the same time.

Frank and Oak is great for that reason, but it’s also great because it’s an outlet that makes these sustainable items affordable for people. Get a box of stuff tailored to your size and preferences sent to you, try them on, and choose to keep whatever you like. Whatever you don’t, send it back. What you keep, you pay for at a discount of 20 percent. So the Yak Wool Crewneck is going to be delivered to your door at a great price point, and who wouldn’t want that?

Why wait for the style plan? Grab this amazing new Yak Wool Crewneck now. The weather isn’t getting any warmer. And for the first time shoppers at Frank and Oak, there is a discount code to use to get this at an even better price. Use the code OCTOBER15 to get 15 percent off this great crewneck until October 31. So help out the world in whatever way you can by picking up this great new alternative.

Get It: Pick up the Yak Wool Crewneck ($110 with coupon code OCTOBER15; was $129) at Frank and Oak

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