Frank And Oak’s Style Plan Is the Easiest Way to Get Wardrobe Essentials Delivered

Frank And Oak Style Plan
Frank And Oak

It’s hard to find an industry that hasn’t discovered just how much people like the ease of getting something delivered to their doorsteps in a subscription box. From the vitamins we take to the meals we cook and the beers we wash them down with, subscribing to life’s essentials makes it simple to get everything you want and need—and that’s part of the reason why we’ve been loving the Frank And Oak Style Plan so much.

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Here’s how it works: sign up for a plan through the Canadian retailer’s website and tell it how much you want to spend every month. Then, instead of relying on a stylist who doesn’t know you to make selections on your behalf, you simply tell it what kinds of things you like. When the box is being prepared, the site will send you a preview link full of on-brand and on-season essentials to choose from. You have a 48-hour window to either fill up your box with your own choices or enjoy the selections of the expert stylist who work on the Frank And Oak team, then sit back and wait a few days for them to be delivered to your home or office.

For this reviewer, the process couldn’t have been more seamless: After signing up and verifying my account, I got to sift through a lot of Frank And Oak’s great offering, but the things that caught my eye were an oxford cloth button down in the perfect shade of blue, a navy cotton sweater, and a pair of straight legged black chinos. (My style runs pretty classic, so while they were great, things like the unlined burgundy sports coat and the joggers that were in my assortment didn’t make my own personal cut.) And it couldn’t have been better timing: I really needed a new oxford at the time. When the box made its way to my apartment a few days later, I was surprised and delighted with how well made everything was—and how easily it all fit in with the things that are already in my closet.

The great thing about the Style Plan is that it gets better over time: the stylists select three items for you every month based on your preferences, and once you’re a member you get 20% off everything that’s on the site. Shipping and returns are free, but you will get a $25 styling fee if you return the three items in your box. (Although it’s hard for me to imagine that happening, given how good the service is right out of the box.) If it’s not working out for you, you can skip the plan for a month, or cancel anytime you want.

Want to start getting your own stylish essentials delivered? Find out more about the Frank And Oak Style Plan here.


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