Galvin Green Brings Swedish Style to American Golf

Photograph by Michael Pirrocco

Golf is a difficult game and the Swedish apparel company Galvin Green is dedicated solely to making it easier. “If you’re comfortable on the golf course, you’ll be able to swing better and play better golf,” says Chief Designer Mats Lundqvist, making the whole thing sound far simpler than it is.

Galvin Green started out as a tiny brand operating exclusively in Sweden, which is not exactly the world’s largest golf market. The firm slowly expanded its business to neighboring countries: Norway, Finland, and Denmark. A decade later, Green was firmly established across Scandinavia and ready to make the jump to the British Isles. “We were quite more expensive and a little bit more colorful compared to the other guys,” Lundqvist says. “Once we got a foothold it started to snowball really.” It didn’t hurt that a lot of Green’s most memorable pieces are designed for rainy days.

Now comes the big test. Galvin Green soft launched in the U.S. over the winter, quietly sneaking into roughly 60 pro shops in clubs around the country, including Whistling Straights and Trump National Doral. One of our favorite pieces from the company’s current line is the “Chad” argyle sweater, which is  way cooler than its name suggests. “We’ve been doing sweaters for a long time and we tend to always like argyles because it’s a classic on the golf course,” Lundqvist said. “But we can’t keep doing the same argyle over and over again so we have to find a new twist on it. And the Chad is one of the versions that we’ve come up with.”

But the garment’s good looks are only part of the story. What sets Galvin Green apart is its designers’ very Scandinavian obsession with functionality. Lundqvist says his team incessantly muses on how to build a better golf garment: Where should the fabric stretch? How does sleeve shape affect swings? “We’re talking different layers; we’re talking rain; we’re talking wind; we’re talking mid layer to keep you warm; we’re talking lace layers to keep you dry from the inside,” Lundqvist says. “And within each layer, we start out by looking at what we have in the existing collection, and what we can improve.”

They’ve done a lot of improving. The company’s Nate trouser looks like a normal, slim-fit pant, but its double weave helps it both wick away sweat and keep ambient moisture out. Similarly, the Mason polo uses a proprietary fiber to keep golfers dry, putting an end to back and underarm stains. That’s half the battle when it comes to looking good in the clubhouse and the shirt’s bright color and stylish shoulder detailing takes care of the rest. Expect to see more of these Swedish masterworks over the next few years. [Galvin Green Chad Sweater $155;]

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