The Man Who Dresses Washington

Tom Williams / Roll Call / Getty Images

D.C. is a city of red ties and default suits. Untold numbers of congressmen have offered their opinions on MSNBC or Fox News while wearing a boxy two-piece that thoroughly undercut their credibility. But the great communicators and Beltway bon vivants know they can avoid the pleated-khaki uniform of pages and assistants by heading to the small shop run by Georges de Paris, who is often referred to as the president’s unofficial tailor. Georges has worked for every president since Lyndon Johnson, which makes his opulent shop – adorned with photos of his powerful clients – one of the best places to network in the capital.

Georges favors the bold, offering shirts, ties, and suspenders in a wide range or colors. All the suits are made by hand in the back of the shop, so prices are as high as they are reasonable. The only catch is that you have to find Georges, who doesn’t always want to mind the store. Fortunately, he’s a flamboyant dresser who enjoys his wine. Keep an eye out for him at the nearby Old Ebbitt Grill: He’s the best-dressed regular.