Get the Skinny on Skivvies


Like anything else, you need to know what to wear to look your best—even under your clothes. So, here are a few things you should to keep in mind.

Boxers are history
We understand—the first time you bounced around in a pair of boxers, you felt like a big boy. But by now you should see them for what they are: antiquated pants liners. The room allotted for your butt is far too spacious, leaving a saggy pouch that doesn’t compliment the modern form-fitting fashions. Simply put—real men don’t wear boxers, girls do. That’s why they look so cute in them. So either give them to your girl or just retire them. Opt for boxer briefs instead.

Sizing is Paramount
When buying T-shirts, you go for an XL — maybe even an XXL because that’s the way you like them to fit. But don’t be afraid to buy a medium, or even small when purchasing a new pair of drawers. There’s no need to be embarrassed. The size designates the waist and small is designed for a 28- to 32-inch waist. Besides, anything larger than a perfect fit and you’ll be left just bouncing from side to side. Ouch.

Wash Regularly
Pretty self-explanatory. If you’re a guy who tends to recycle your clothes from day to day, yesterday’s underwear shouldn’t be part of that regimen. Wear them too many days in a row and you could be stuck with an embarrassing itch you probably won’t appreciate. And yes, others will notice.

Replace Twice a Year
It’s nice to have heirlooms that can be passed from one generation to the next. It makes you feel connected to your legacy. This, however, is not that kind of thing. Your underwear, no matter how lucky you got in them, should be limited to a six-month run. In fact, the day holes begin forming in them—the little ones that come from the dryer, nothing to fear—they need to go bye-bye.

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