Get These Amazing Rugged Boots On Sale at Cole Haan Now

Nantucket Rugged Plain Toe Boot
Cole Haan

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The very act of buying new footwear can be a weird little mixed blessing. Shopping is pretty much never fun. Having to find the right size in and of itself can be a problem, let alone finding the right size for a style that you actually like. And usually, when you are buying new shoes it is usually because you need them, not that you want them. So there’s that frustration at hand.

But in the end, it’s good because you get to add some new styles to your wardrobe. And you want to add new stuff to the closet because it can get pretty old pretty quick if you don’t have enough variety in there. Shoes in particular. Because a shoe can really tie an outfit together, in a way most guys may not necessarily realize.

Now, you may not need a new pair of footwear right now. But you are going to want to buy a new pair of Nantucket Rugged Plain Toe Boots at Cole Haan when you see the sale that’s going on right now.

Nantucket Rugged Plain Toe Boots
Cole Haan

Right now, this sale is going to allow you to pick up the Cole Haan Nantucket Rugged Plain Toe Boots at 48 percent off. This is pretty great because just by looking at them, these boots are top-notch pieces of fashion.

Any footwear you buy has to look good. Right off the bat, if it doesn’t look good then it’s a waste of money. And the Nantucket Rugged Plain Toe Boots will catch your attention. These boots are great for any situation. Designed to look a little rugged, there’s a character to them. Out to work or out with friends, they’ll fit in perfectly.

But it would all be nothing if they didn’t really wear well. But the Nantucket Rugged Plain Toe Boots are great to wear too. This is designed to sit on your foot with ease. Your foot will not be upset being inside of these boots. Obviously, you aren’t going to want to wear these out to hiking or whatnot. But in a relaxed setting, you will stay relaxed.

This sale won’t last forever. No sale does. Even with the holidays within sight, the sales will just change. So you don’t know if these Nantucket Rugged Plain Toe Boots will still be available at this amazing price. At this price, you can probably afford to add a sleek new piece of footwear to your collection. It can’t hurt.

Get It: Pick up the Nantucket Rugged Plain Toe Boots ($130; was $250) at Cole Haan

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