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There is never a bad time to get a new suit. Every guy is going to need at least one suit in the closet. Even a guy who doesn’t need a suit to go to work needs a suit for those events in life that need something a little classier. Big social events and the like. And then the guys that always need suits will want to keep adding suits to add variety to life.

Nobody wants to get caught wearing the same suit too often. Most folks aren’t going to be able to have a suit for every day of the year. But having enough suits has to be a priority. Something to at least have a suit for every day of the week.

But buying suits can be difficult. For one, the pricing can be a bit of a problem. A cheap suit is always going to look like a cheap suit so there is no really good reason to buy a cheap suit. It will do more harm than good. So pricing can be an issue. Then there is the issue of finding the right suit. Suits come in all kinds of colors and styles, so there are plenty of options that will be different for every man.

So it’s time to buy a new suit. Where is the best spot to go? There’s plenty of great spots out there, but one of the best has to be Macy’s. Macy’s is full up with great suiting options for all men. And Macy’s is always putting items up for sale at great prices. But rarely are these suits ever this affordable thanks to the Designer Suiting Event that is going on.

Alfani Men's Stretch Performance Solid Slim-Fit Suit

Right now, Macy’s is dropping designer suits down to prices at least 60 percent off the original price. Plenty of these suits are going to be discounted at huge margins like 75 percent off. And when these suits are as stylish and well crafted like the Alfani Men’s Stretch Performance Solid Slim-Fit Suit, there is no good reason to pass this deal up.

Take a real good look at the Alfani Men’s Stretch Performance Solid Slim-Fit Suit. It’s an amazing looking suit. It’s just classic. There is a pure design to it with that gorgeous blue color scheme. Every guy needs to have a great pure blue suit in their repertoire. This suit is a slim-fit design, so it won’t look like it was bought off the rack. It will look like it was made for the guy who is wearing it.

The craft of the Alfani Men’s Stretch Performance Solid Slim-Fit Suit is really high. Just because it is slim fit doesn’t mean it won’t be comfortable. Put that jacket on and feel like a cloud is being worn. Those pants are not going to feel snug, making the day a lot easier to go through. And a suit looks a lot better with a vest like this Alfani vest.

Getting a great suit will do wonders for a man throughout the day. Especially a suit as snappy as the Alfani Men’s Stretch Performance Solid Slim-Fit Suit. Everyone will look at the man wearing this suit and will think that this is a classy gent. It will add a freshness to the wardrobe. And there’s no need to break the bank with this immense Macy’s sale. Save 75 percent off this wonderful looking suit while supplies last. The sale lasts until October 6th. It is bound to sell out quickly.

Get It: Pick up the Alfani Men’s Stretch Performance Solid Slim-Fit Suit ($150; was $595) at Macy’s. 

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