Get This Luxurious Sheet Set From 10 Grove and Get A Free Face Mask

The Madison Set
10. Grove

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Everyone is looking for face masks these days. They are selling out fast. So when you find a way to get a face mask in no time, you need to jump on it. Especially if you get a free face mask in a deal.

Protect yourself and get something else out of the deal? How can you say no? Well, you can head on over to 10 Grove right now to purchase anything and get a free face mask in the deal. Something like The Madison Set.

Right now, 10 Grove is doing something remarkable. In a way to keep employees and artisans on the payroll, 10 Grove has been making face masks to give away for free with any purchase.

These hand made masks that are crafted with fine Egyptian cotton sateen. That way you can wear them and not feel uncomfortable when wearing it. No irritation to your skin at all thanks to the next level softness of the Egyptian cotton.

Sheeting is being used because it has been found to filter out a lot of particulates in the air. That way you can go outside whenever you need to and feel a little more comfortable about having to do so. You can also use these face masks over and over since the sheeting material makes them highly re-washable.

The Madison Set
10. Grove

If you want to take advantage of this deal that helps you out and the employees of 10 Grove, you should do so. The products sold by 10 Grove is really top of the line stuff. Bedding materials that will make you feel all the more comfortable spending time in bed. Especially when you choose The Madison Set.

Since most people are stuck at home, people are probably spending a lot more time in bed. Just hanging out. Which is why it’s smart to pick up The Madison Set. Your comfort levels will be as high as can be.

You can sleep all day and night in any season with The Madison Set. That’s because it is made with 100 percent Egyptian cotton, like the free face mask. That way it is very breathable, so you won’t ever get overheated in the spring/summer while never being too cold during the winter.

With The Madison Set, you will get a very simple and elegant design for the bedroom. That simplicity makes your bedroom look a lot more appealing. That sleek, white design is something to behold thanks to the Egyptian cotton.

There are plenty of options when it comes to The Madison Set. You can choose how elaborate the set is. The base option will give you just a fitted sheet and two pillowcases. The most elaborate option gives you that, as well as a flat sheet and a duvet cover. Whatever you need, you can get from 10 Grove.

Since mid-March, 10 Grove has had its artisans make face masks for hospitals and shelters. Last week alone, it sent 1,500 face masks to local Houston hospitals. And now the process has been going for so long, 10 Grove can give away these masks to help its customers out in this trying time.

You can help out others and yourself when you take part in this amazing promotion going on at 10 Grove right now. Pick up an amazing set of bedding like The Madison Set and get yourself a free face mask now. You won’t regret it.

Get It: Pick up The Madison Set with a free face mask (starting at $310) at 10 Grove

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