Guys Don’t Know Their Style Till Age 37

37 average age men find style main

If you’re 36 or younger and still struggling with your fashion sense, you’re not alone.

Before age 37, a new survey says, 23% of men say they don’t know what looks good on them, compared with just 8% of dudes 37 or over. Of the under-37s, 27% also keep clothing until it falls apart in fear of trying to replace it, and 17% find shopping so heinous they’ll grab just about anything off a rack just to keep the trip short.

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The survey didn’t examine what “clicks” in a guy’s 37th year to make such a difference, but it did identify several traits style-confident guys had in common:

Size Matters

Know what size you are—for everything.

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Pay the high price

Opt for quality over quantity every time.

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Stay the course

Find a style that looks good and stick with it.

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Find a brand

Identify a fail-safe brand that works for you.

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Stick with your gut

Make clothing decisions without asking for advice. Trust your instincts, man.

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