Hairy Men, This Tool Is for You


It’s summer, which means now is as good a time as any to address … manscaping. Yeah, we said it. And while the word can conjure up all sorts of embarrassing images and locker room jokes, here’s a fact: More than 70 percent of men cop to shaving at least some areas of their body other than their beard.

The truth is, eight months out of the year you fastidiously trim, shave, shape, and groom the hair on your face and your head. Why? Because it’s the only hair you’ve got showing. So during those four blessedly warm months when you arrive in public spaces exposing serious skin, why wouldn’t you give those wildly untamed chest hairs and hobbit toes the same TLC?


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Like the hair on your head and face, how you shape and trim the hair on the rest of your body is a matter of personal preference. That’s why we love Remington’s BHT600 Body and Back Groomer. The tool provides versatility with its detail trimmer, vertical trimmer, and foil shaver, and is designed with an extendable, non-slip handle so you can use it on your backside as well. Whether you’re going totally bare or just cleaning up the edges, this is your gadget (buy it for $40 at

Added bonus? The 360-degree attachments include reversible heads for greater versatility and control. Plus, the extra-wide blade lets you save time shaving any large hairy swatches. On the downside, the tool lacks a little of the finesse needed to go to work on super-fine areas (if that’s your… bag). 

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