Here’s How to Apply Cologne Without Overdoing It


Ask Men’s Fitness: “How can I apply cologne without overdoing it?” – Steve T., Nome, Alaska

Great question. There’s nothing worse than someone bathed in cologne.

It makes me want 
to puke. Modern men want to smell nice, but if a guy’s drowning in cologne, it’s like he’s trying to mask a night out at a whorehouse.

Here’s how to use it: If it’s a spray, don’t point it at yourself—spray it in the air and walk through it. If it’s not a spray, just use your fingertips to dab it really lightly. Good colognes are superconcentrated, so don’t get too much in one spot. If you think you overdo it, ask a friend who’ll be honest. If he says you stink…well.

And don’t spray it on your nuts or asshole—nobody goes down there to taste your cologne.

Also, what do your hair products and deodorant smell like? Try neutral scents for those—otherwise it’ll all clash and you’ll smell like Sephora.

If you’re going on a date to a fancy restaurant, too much cologne can interfere with the smell of the wine—my wife is a sommelier—and the food, so I’d skip it.

Finally, don’t use cologne to cover body odor. If you need to deodorize your body, take a fucking shower.

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