Here’s How to Grow a Manly Moustache This Movember

Man drinking from moustache mug
Kyle Hixson Photography / Getty Images

“It’s Movember and my new ’stache is so puny. What can I do?” — Harry A., Los Angeles, Calif.

First, keep in mind you’re not going to have Tom Selleck’s mustache right off the bat. But if you want to keep it neat, ask your barber for a tutorial on how to maintain it. Losing even one hair can change the whole shape of a mustache.

And you want to keep it clean above your lip. Once it’s Wally the Walrus big, sure, let it grow over your mouth—chew it with your food—but till then, you don’t want to look like a greaseball, so trim it to the top of your lip.

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To keep the lines right, the best thing to do is to ruffle it up—comb it opposite the direction it grows—then comb it back down into shape and clip whatever hairs stick out with scissors. (Or get a mustache-trimming kit at the drugstore.)

And if it’s kind of puny? I don’t have Miracle-Gro or anything like that—it is what it is. But you’re doing it for Movember (“mustache November”)—people won’t be looking at you expecting Don Juan. They’ll be saying, “What a great guy, doing this for cancer awareness.”

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